Let’s talk about money

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Money is something that people don’t like talking about. It’s obvious that nobody has to explain themselves if it comes to how much they make or spend but in Poland it’s normal to ask each other where someone bought something we like and how much it was, whereas in the US it doesn’t really happen. […]

Why did I become vegan

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In my case it was a little different than in people who change their diets completely from so-called standard diet to a veganism. I was vegetarian before so I didn’t eat meat and transitioned into veganism years later. I became vegetarian because, as a kid, I found out how it all works, where this meat […]

How to become vegan?

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I finally sat down to write this post! I hope that those who asked for it are still here. I’ll talk about 13 hints that will help you transition to veganism from a standard diet. I think that these are things that it’s good to pay attention to and remember about and each one of […]