Only 8 weeks left!

It’s amazing and kind of scary how fast the time is going, especially when you’re pregnant and you’re not too ready. I mean, not sure if I’m not ready because why wouldn’t I, right? It’s much different now that I know how to be with a newborn and all that. While my first pregnancy at this point I had so many things ready and now I have maybe three sleepers I saw somewhere and really liked them, and a cute hat. Oh, and my birth plan is ready! Anyways, I feel much calmer and relaxed now than the first time which, I think, is pretty understandable.



What’s more, I feel like my belly is getting pretty big but it’s not that big at the same time. I’m 31 weeks pregnant already! How crazy is that?! I’m very, very curious when I’ll grow more because I know it’ll happen since the baby now is mainly gaining weight so I’ll definitely feel that. It’s all amazing and I’d love to be able to explain to you how it all feels but it’s just that you’d have to feel it by yourself to know. What’s more interesting is that now I feel the baby on the very side of my belly and I don’t remember feeling April so far to the back so it’s probably because I was already stretched before.



I do like being bigger, it’s an amazing thing for me. I do like the fact that I have a round belly, it feels and looks good, in my opinion. It just fits me, I think, like I’m supposed to be pregnant for my whole life haha No, but seriously, it feels a little bit weird when people tell me “oh you’re so small” because I do like being big. I mean, bigger. If it comes to a baby bump. I know that they’re trying to be nice and they think they say what each woman wants to hear but it seems like I’m just a little different. I also love the fact that I have such a big selection of maternity clothes, like this beautiful blue dress and floral kimono you can see in the photos. They’re both from Pink Blush Maternity and I know they’d fit me even if I got much bigger. They look awesome and are very comfortable at the same time which isn’t that easy to find these days, at least not for me. And you know what I really want to get from them soon? A robe. An awesome maternity robe that I can wear right after I give birth and still feel great.




But honestly, it’s not only about the looks. It’s about this amazing thing of making a new human inside another human’s body. Just from a few cells. I don’t know what it is about me now, I think it’s mostly about the hormones that are making things crazy and I just can’t even put words in my mouth anymore because I’m simply so, so amazed by everything! I can wait for the baby to come because I feel very well this pregnancy but at the same time I can’t because I remember how it feels to hold my own baby for the first time in my life. It’s a huge change, it’s something that I can’t compare with anything else. Something very unique, very real… Yeah, I think real is a good word. This is the most real moment of a woman’s life to hold her baby for the first time.




I think I need to go and write it all in my pregnancy journal which I, obviously, write too. I’ll definitely be back with more posts like this one because I’m not only nesting now but I’m also getting more emotional about this whole thing since, like I said at the beginning, it’s getting so crazy close.



I’ll see you next time,