Do you believe in Santa Claus?

Recently on a lot of groups on Facebook for moms I’ve seen questions: do your children believe in Santa Claus? Do you tell them about him? Do you pretend he brings gifts? I thought that since Christmas is coming soon it’s a cool topic to talk about now.



I don’t remember how it was with me when I was a child. I mean, I do remember something only. I know I wrote letters to Santa Claus and once me and my sister left cookies and milk for him. In the morning it all was gone and we were happy that he came. But at the same time we always realized that something like Santa Claus flying on sleigh doesn’t exist, that the gifts are from our parents or grandparents. And even though they tried to keep this “magic” we knew the truth. I suppose it came to us so easily because nobody forced us to believe that he exists and that he brings gifts. It was all more relaxed.

On the other hand, I had a friend who was a big believer and when her parents eventually sat her down and told her the truth she had a trauma and she resented them for years because of being lied to by them.

I now have a friend whose 7-year old daughter really believes in it all and her poor mom, meaning my friend, doesn’t know how to tell her what the truth is after so many years. She hopes that someone in school will tell her daughter.

Alicia is kinda like me and my sister. She knows that she gets gifts from us and she asks us for them, she doesn’t write letters to Santa but at the same time she puts gifts under the tree when nobody sees so that nobody will think that they’re from her… And then when we unwrap she tells which one is from her ;).



Nathan kept it all pretty simple. He told Alicia where it all came from, the whole story. He told her there are people believing in Santa, that he brings gifts and so on and there are also kids who don’t believe. He added that it’s up to her if she does or not. When she asked him if he did he said no. She asked a few questions and then she was satisfied and free to make her own decision.



And so this is how it is in our home. It’ll be the same with April, we won’t convince her that there is a man who watches her the whole year and gives gifts if she’s nice (meaning threatening and manipulation), getting it through a chimney and traveling on sleigh with flying reindeers :).



I sometimes meet reactions from others to some other people that it’s taking a childhood and magic away from children. Even though magic doesn’t exist, it’s not real and we want to live in a real world. But I get the same kinds of comments from people saying that not giving my children chocolate or birthday cakes made with milk and eggs are taking their childhood away from them as well. So I think it’s a matter of personal choices, beliefs, opinions. Mine are different and I believe that my kids will have awesome childhood and the fact that we don’t try to convince them to believe in Santa won’t change a thing.




I’ll talk to you next time,





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