#102 Breakfast with Aga – April and her “I love you”

Last week

I intensively prepared for my first class which I told you about in this post. I had moments when I felt very confident and moments when I thought I wouldn’t make it… But I had more when I felt well. I’ll tell you more about it for sure because it’s pretty exciting for me but later, when I’m after a few sessions. Then I’ll have more to say! Here I want to share that I do see myself doing it and that I can get really good. Nathan told me he was proud of me which was amazing for me to hear because I don’t remember hearing anything like this from anyone before so I’ll remember this for the rest of my life.

April really surprises me a lot. Recently I’ve been telling her I love you and she responds I loloyu, which is the same. Today when Nathan put her to bed he told her he was tired and he wanted to go to sleep so good night and so on. April often says nite nite. Imagine that April responded nite nite, I loloyu and then she turned the other way. Amazing! I bought a notebook in which I everyday write more interesting and cooler things that April said or did. I think I’ll fill the whole thing soon! This will be an amazing thing for her, at least I hope.


And some photos… April started liking playgrounds now. Earlier she’d just watch and maybe she’d come up somewhere but now she’s much more active. She goes on slides, climbs high, she doesn’t look if I’m close and goes :). Her interactions with other kids are better now and below you can see her with her friend Wyatt.


She pushed this cart through the whole Target even though it’s kinda heavy ;).




Song of the week

Nothing super ambitious but last week I’ve been listening to this song like million times. And I’m serious, when I turn my laptop on I turn this song on as well and I just keep pressing replay. The only think I don’t like is Nicki Minaj who, in my opinion, is totally unnecessary.




To watch

Look at the video below… Damn, seriously?! I got pretty upset when I saw it, to be honest. I don’t understand the sense of it and to me it’s abusing a dog, not mentioning all the dyes used to change colors and so on. Very sad.




On the Internet



So in Poland they’re trying to make keeping animals for fur illegal. It’s very important! You just need to write your name and email address and that’s it. If you think you’d like to do it it’d be awesome! Click on the photo below, scroll down and fill it in – “imię i nazwisko” means “first and last name” and you don’t have to check that little box below if you don’t want to receive emails. Thanks!!





I’d like to remind you about, in my opinion, one of the most important posts on my blog. This one I wrote a year ago and it’s still up to date.


Some (like me) think that kids are born with so-called “white card” and all of their likes, beliefs and characteristics keep forming over time while growing up, based on their experiences from the very beginning of their lives and based on experiences with people they’re surrounded by. Perhaps there might be some predispositions to certain skills like, for example, drawing, but nothing is formed yet. Other, however, believe that children have their characteristics settled right then when they born and the way they will go is already planned. That’s why so many people think that kids who are rude which means – in most cases – they don’t do what their parents want them to do, it’s because they were born this way, they’ll always be like this and nobody had any effect on how they are.

So I am here now to share with you my arguments for that tons of things affects us and influences the way we are as children, what kind of adults we’ll be, how we treat others, ourselves, who we’ll die as and what we’ll leave after us in our kids.


Kids are bad from birth and parents are saint – mystery solved!




That’s it for now!


I’ll see you next time,