Alicia: “I have nothing to wear!”

It’s been a while since Alicia had a chance to go to some party and, let me tell you, she likes parties. And it doesn’t really matter what kind, it can be a birthday party, baby shower or, like today, a Christmas party. It’s the whole idea of it, fun you can have, people you can meet, food, music… Well, to be honest, I wish I had a chance to go somewhere where I can dress up nicely, look different and just do something else besides being at home with children. Not that I don’t enjoy it, no! I do! At the same time, sometimes it’d be awesome to have some change.


Anyways, one problem that arises is what to wear. And in case of children it’s a little more difficult because they’re still growing and so I need to replace their clothes all the time. Especially April! She’s now 20 months old and I just sold some of her stuff today again, I feel like I do it all the time, making $70! Good deal for clothes that are too small but imagine how many of them I had that I got so much money… By the way, I sell in Once upon a child and I highly recommend doing it there and shopping there as well which I also usually do.



But going back to Alicia. So her mother wanted to take her to the Christmas party I mentioned at the beginning and Alicia told me that she didn’t have anything to wear. I was like, oh great, so we need to find something that fits, that’s not too fancy and not too plain either, and that won’t be too expensive. I put it for later… whatever that meant.


So when I got an e-mail from Noori Dresses with a question if I’d like to try one of their dresses I thought, wow, you guys have some great timing! I went on the website, looked around and saw some pretty nice items. They even have dresses for infants, just in case you’re looking for something for your baby. I showed all of them to Alicia and she chose one that she liked the most. We did pick a bigger size thinking that she’ll grow into it eventually and this way it’ll last longer.




She picked this colorful dress without sleeves with a bow on the back. When she opened the box after I received it she was like “woooooow!”… I laughed at her reaction but I liked seeing her so excited.


I didn’t get paid to write this post and I definitely wouldn’t do it if Alicia or I didn’t like the dress. But we both do and I think it’s a good place to look for outfits for all kinds of occasions that are definitely good quality, affordable and look nice. And on top of that they have a lot to pick from… which sometimes can be an issue if you can’t easily decide 😉. And yeah… outfit that April has in the photo below is interesting but she started to put clothes on her by herself and this is what happens :).




I’ll talk to you next time,