Photos from the past week

Last week we had a family photoshoot with a photographer who took my birth photos :). You might remember how much I liked those pictures so I’m happy that we had a chance to see her again! I can’t wait for the results and I’ll show them to you for sure. For now I have a few photos that we took after the photoshoot.



I saw my hairdresser the day before that ;). I trimmed my hair and asked her to curl it a little. I didn’t know if my hair would look the same the next day after the whole night but it worked! I was really happy with the results so I took some selfies!



It cooled down here and when I go out in the morning it’s pretty cold. By “cold” I mean temperature around 13-20 degrees Celsius (around 55-68 F) but in the mornings and evenings it’s so cold that when I get back home from my walk my hands are almost frozen. Alicia and April don’t really care about it and lately they’ve been going crazy on plasma cars. They can go like this for an hour straight!



Recently I’ve been making videos with my favorite smoothies and I’ll add them here on the blog as well when I collect five of them. Actually, “recently” isn’t a good word because I’ve been doing it for a long time now… I realized that when I make a smoothie I usually make the same thing so it’ll take some time. But it’s not really an issue, I’ll share them with you anyways!



April surprises me so much! I told you already that she started repeating words but the frequency and how well she goes with it all is amazing! She repeats pretty much everything we say. When she wants to cover herself she says blanket, when she wants to sleep she says nap, and recently when I said something and added you know? she replied… I know. Wow! She obviously doesn’t say it as well as we do but she’s very good at it and we can easily understand what she says. I have a few examples for now. I bought a notebook where I’m going to write it all down. I mean, not all of it but those cooler events like the last thing when she woke up in the morning and went to the top of the stairs and called for us. When nobody answered because there wasn’t anyone downstairs she came up to our door and knocked on it. And I mean she put her hand in a fist and knocked the way we knock. Small but makes me happy. Or when I was cleaning the kitchen countertops and she came up, touched me in my leg and when I looked at her she put her lips in a kiss and when I kissed her she smiled and went away :).




Besides, I’ve been pretty creative lately. I always had a hand to making things but it went away for a while some time ago. Now it’s awaken and I kinda like it but I still don’t have too much time. If I make something nice I’ll show you!




And now me and April are saying bye :)!


I’ll see you next time,