#101 Breakfast with Aga – new bed for April and my MRI results!

Last week

A while ago we noticed that April doesn’t really like sleeping in her crib. She cried, screamed in the morning and it was hard to put her down to sleep. At first she slept a few times in a recliner in her room, sometimes in the living room, later we took a mattress from her crib out and put it on the floor… And I eventually said hey, maybe we can buy a new bed for her?! A toddler bed. Maybe it’d be easier?! We thought about it for a little bit and we eventually decided not to buy a new one but we just took one side of her crib off and that’s it. And, what’s best, April stopped screaming at night!

I took April to a hairdresser and I wanted to trim her hair more because it gets into her eyes a lot so she always has pigtails. But together with my hairdresser we decided to just trim the hair a little bit and will let her hair on the sides grow a little more and then we’ll do a bob :)). April didn’t cry but she was on my lap so I think that helped.


Have I ever told you anything about my MRI results? I don’t know… I got my results and they’re good, they didn’t show anything. It’s good on one hand but on the other one I kinda hoped that there would be something because it’d be a hint about what happened with my lung. But also an MRI isn’t really the best way to check lungs. Well, for now I guess I’ll wait with going back to the gym and going back to pole dancing will have to wait too.


And a few photos!



To watch

On the way to San Diego on a plane I watched “Baywatch”. I remember this show, I watched it when I was a kid! I didn’t know what to expect from this movie and I really didn’t want it to be one of those stupid comedies that you watch and face palm. I was positively surprised and in my opinion it’s a cool movie, I laughed out loud a few times on the place so this means something ;). Good actors, there’s a criminal mystery and a little bit of love too. One of the main characters is Zac Efron and there’s even Pamela Anderson in it! Have you seen it? Did you like it? If you haven’t seen check it out!

The video below is in English.



On the Internet

Today I have two things I want to show you! The first one is a video with a recipe for a chicken salad ;).


And the other one is a picture that Nathan sent to me today. It made me laugh but made me sad at the same time… Anyways, so true!



I hope you’re all fine!


I’ll see you next time,