Why April walks barefoot

In a lot of photos and videos you can see April being outside and not wearing shoes. People started asking why that is, why I don’t put socks on her feet and so on so I thought I’d answer this question here so you won’t have to look anymore.





I often see mothers and children and the children wear shoes. Of course it wouldn’t be strange at all if the children could walk but most of them can’t, some of them can’t even sit by themselves. But they have shoes on and sometimes those are soft ones kind of like socks, but in most cases they have normal, hard soled ones. I always wonder that’s the point of this since they don’t even walk yet and when I started reading more I realized that this is something I’m not going to do with April.


I’ll start off with what people wrote to me a lot of times before which is that April was putting her feet in a weird way (toes in) and not only would she have problems in the future but also I’m a terrible mother because I should get interested and put some shoes on her so that her feet would get straighten up. I didn’t listen to this great advice and even then April puts her feet the way she now should. I’m saying “now” because she had them the right way at that time too. She was just mastering her walking skills which meant that she was putting her feet in different, weird ways. Putting her shoes on to “straighten it up” would only cause problems. No first walking shoes are needed at that point and I’ll even say that they shouldn’t be used. For example, children tuck their toes under when they learn how to stand and walk which is totally normal, they need it. When they have shoes on they won’t be able to do so. And little ones aren’t able to feel the ground, learn how to keep their balance in different places… It also causes them to move in an unnatural way, they have issues with keeping a healthy posture, etc.


Feet are one of the most complex skeletal-muscle system in a human body. Putting shoes on them totally changes the way they function and over time people start having problems not only with their feet but also ankles, knees, hips… It’s all connected to each other. And it happens when adults wear shoes! When their feet are already fully developed! Imagine then what happens to babies’ feet which are still growing. Not mentioning heels, wedges… Flip flops aren’t healthy either.


A while ago I read a very interesting article that had photos of people’s feet – people like us and people from Africa who always walk barefoot. Their feet were wider, they were more adjusted to walking. When you compare those photos you realize that all people from the USA or Poland have deformed feet…


Some have other questions like why April doesn’t wear shoes when it’s raining outside and it’s probably cold. I’m convinced that if she’s cold she’ll go back home because she understands enough to realize that she doesn’t feel too comfortable. And if she decides to stay outside even though she’s cold it’s cool too, it’s not me feeling cold but her. If she steps on a rock and it hurts nothing will happen either. Also, children running around without shoes are more careful, less exposed to accidents because they watch out more not to get hurt. Their immune system gets boosted too so there are fewer colds.


April got her first shoes with a hard sole not that long ago and they’re still not high (no, you don’t have to “hold ankles”). For months, even when she was already running around, she had totally soft shoes that you could bend in all kinds of ways, adjusted to her feet, didn’t stop her from moving her toes. And she still wears them sometimes, the ones bending like crazy (or socks). She doesn’t mind shoes but she often takes them off or wants us to do it (depends what kind of a shoe it is) because – like I suppose – she’s more comfortable like that. And I have no problem with that :). She sometimes wants to put them on herself and I don’t have any problem with it either.


I’ll see you next time,






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