#100 Breakfast with Aga – fall colors, April on a bike and a story about me on Fox5

Last week

I had another MRI, this time it was a chest MRI. In the hospital they told me that they rarely do chest MRIs because if it comes to lungs it’s much better to do a CT scan because an MRI won’t show anything as well as the CT. However, in my situation, like most of you probably already know, I can’t have CT scans because it’s way too much of a radiation. And I’m waiting for results now. In general I’m fine, I mean I don’t have any breathing issues or anything and the only thing that bothers me is ribs pain which I still have. My doctor told me it’s normal because ribs usually take longer to heal but it’s been so much time that it’s already tiring.

It got very colorful here! I like fall because of it. It’s still warm (besides a few colder days lately) and doesn’t rain so you can hear that cool sound dry leaves make when you walk on them (people say this is how Polish language sounds!) and we can sit outside and eat breakfast while looking at colorful leaves around. I love it!


I have an idea for a change in the house again. It never ends, does it? I want to repaint a guest room because I’m tired of this yellowish color they paint all the houses. For now the girls’ rooms, our closet and our bedroom were repainted and we left the rest for… one day. The problem is that if we wanted to paint the living room we’d have to paint the kitchen and the hall because it has tall walls that go right on the hallway upstairs so we’d have to repaint all that in order to make everything match. I think. Well, I guess we’ll really wait for later.


April liked our plasma cars so I think it’s time to buy a bike for her. And I don’t want to buy a bike with four wheels, I highly prefer a balance bike so that she can learn how to balance right away. This way she’ll never need four wheels because she’ll jump right on a normal bike on two wheels :). Imagine that she did go up the hill like this! It was hard and tiring for her but she made it.



Song of the week

Recently I listened to some random YouTube playlist while editing one of my videos and one of the songs I heard was the one I’m posting below. I haven’t heard it for a while and I got tears in my eyes… I don’t even know why exactly, I guess it reminds me of something but I don’t know what right now. Life experiences? Maybe. I suspect that if I listen to it more I’ll remember. Do you have songs like that too?



To watch

Today I have something totally different for you. It’s an article and a video that Fox 5 did about me and my genetic mutation. If you’re interested go ahead and watch it below :).





A year ago I wrote about Halloween in the US so I didn’t do the same this time. If you haven’t seen it yet and you’re interested feel free to check it out!

Trick or treat! How is it with Halloween in the States.


I also shared some good news and showed you April’d Halloween costume :).

„I have good news for you!”




I hope it’s all well with you!

I’ll see you next time,