What was I doing in San Diego?!

I planned this trip several months ago and at the beginning I was thinking “there’s still so much time left!” but it turned out it went by faster than I thought. And it was great! Despite problems on the way I’m happy I went there because the whole week was intensive, tiring and very interesting!



What I was doing there, some of you probably wonder because I talked about it several times already and never told you what it was about. I went there for a workshops that prepared me to become an instructor for parents who have some issues with their children, who don’t know how to talk with them, how to solve problems and so on. And it’s not only about kids, it’s about people in general. The workshops was organized by Gordon Training International so everything is related to a book “Parent Effectiveness Training” by Thomas Gordon that I mentioned here on my blog several times before.


I’m going to teach people how to talk with others. How to confront others with our problems, how to solve the problems in a way that allows everyone to feel satisfied (so called no-lose method). How to listen to children in order to let them share everything they want or need to share. How to talk with them and how to treat them to make them believe in themselves, in order for them to become independent and responsible, able to solve their own problems by themselves from the very first years of his life which will help them in a future a lot. And above all it’s showing people a way that will allow them reduce stress and even eliminate yelling, punishing, commands and others by changing them into respect, love, happiness, understanding an acceptance.





The workshops didn’t mean sitting and listening to someone talking for 8 hours every day. We all were in a half circle so not only could we see each other but we could also talk normally. There was a lot of interaction between participants, a lot of role plays, sharing experiences and even moments when we could feel as if we were children again. That’s why I wasn’t bored at all but to be honest this 3 hour difference between Georgia and California affected me and on Wednesday, the third day, I almost fell asleep in the middle of the class. But I managed and on the last day I presented in front of the whole group for an hour! Others had groups of 5 people and only one person was supposed to do it in front of everyone because there wasn’t enough of us. I raised my hand myself and it was an amazing experience because, believe me, if a few years ago someone told me I’d do something like this I’d laugh at his face. Earlier, before I came to the US, I hate speaking in front of other people, I was always very stressed and avoided it as much as I could. So it was a huge change for me and I’m proud of myself! And I need to add that others liked my presentation! I got really good comments. Especially about the picture below ;).



I’m very excited and I’m in a process of finding enough people for my first class. I hope I’ll manage as soon as I can, I can’t wait! Keep your fingers crossed :).



Like I said at the end of the workshop – I want to change the world and now I feel I can do it.






I’ll see you next time,





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