On the train across the country

An emergency is a reason I now have a great idea for a blog post. I’d like to tell you something about this trip, how it all went if it comes to prices and other. Because it doesn’t happen every day that you spend 55 hours on one train!



I need you to remember that I wrote this post based on our own experiences and if you have other ones feel free to share.


Below you can see photos of San Diego railway station where we caught a bus to Los Angeles. Our train was leaving from LA.



We had to do it all at the last moment! It wasn’t easy because most people who buy tickets for such a trip do it much earlier and in our case it was just two days before. Nathan bought a ticket with a room for us with a 15% discount because of my medical condition – I’m not allowed to fly. So because of that we had the room where we had our own bathroom and we also had help with bags. My ticket and the room was $800 and Nathan had to pay $200 for his own. This train was leaving on Sunday and the one on Friday had the last ticket for… $3.000! I checked tickets for May 2018 and I saw that for the room (two beds, no bathroom) it’s $700 + extra for one more person. Prices for regular seats without beds are much lower ($200 for one person for May) and even though they’re still comfortable, three days on the train require some more than reclining seats.


One person could have two carry-on items and two check-in bags (max 55 lbs – 22 kg in one) so we weren’t allowed to have all of our stuff. We checked our bags in in Los Angeles where we were leaving from and picked them up in Atlanta so we didn’t have to worry about them.


The train itself (Amtrak Sunset Limited) was very comfortable, really. We had two beds, one on top of the other one and the one on the bottom was folding into two seats. I slept well and Nathan did too. There was a cafe and a diner. They served breakfasts, lunches and dinners. People working there asked passengers when they wanted to eat and they reserved seats. We had to get there on time and staff seated everyone and passengers could place an order from menu. In general, there selection wasn’t that big but it was something. What they had for us was a plate of fruits and a salad. And, honestly, when I saw what people ate… it was scary.

They also had a place where you could see the scenery. Seats were facing the windows which were on all of the walls and even a little bit on the ceiling.

The train had regular seats as well – two seats by each other and two other ones in front facing with the back. Let me tell you, there was much more room than in Polish trains that I remember. The seats could recline pretty far but even then I can’t imagine sitting on them for so much time so I’m glad we had the room.






There was a quiet time from 10 pm to 6 am so during this time there was no announcements but if there was a stop the staff would wake up people who were supposed to go out.


The views were awesome at the beginning! I’m saying the beginning because after a few hours in Texas seeing mountains, cacti and rocks was boring. But it was really cool to see a different side of the country and to be places I wouldn’t see otherwise. For a long time we didn’t see any houses or anything else! There were also places with one house in the middle of nowhere and I thought that I wouldn’t be able to live in a place like that. But everyone is different.


We had several stops and most of them was pretty short but we had three that lasted around 45 minutes so we could go outside and breathe some fresh air which I liked a lot.







I wasn’t bored! Of course it’d be different if I was there by myself but since Nate was with me everything was easier. We talked a lot and you have no idea how awesome it was to talk without kids running around… I love them but sometimes I could use a button called “turn the volume down” ;). We also watched two episodes of “Game of Thrones” and I rested a lot!


A lot of people asked what we brought to eat… We had one carry on full of fruits, some lettuce, our raw tomato bread, water and coconut water. It was the first time when we were 44 hours on the train without a chance to go to a grocery store so we didn’t really know how to do all that. It turned out I had to throw away two tomatoes and a pack of strawberries so it wasn’t that bad!


We had a layover in New Orleans – 9 hours – so we stayed at a hotel. I saw some of the city! From the car but it’s better than nothing, right? Our train to Atlanta left New Orleans at 7 am and it was supposed to be an 11 hour trip but it broke on the way and we got to Atlanta after midnight! So we had to wait for people to come and fix whatever it was that broke. I slept a lot during this ride but this time we had regular seats so even though it was comfortable it wasn’t as comfortable as before. We were very tired! We got home at 2 am.



Honestly, after this trip I thought it’d be awesome to go somewhere on a train again! Because it was a great experience :).





I’ll see you next time,