We’re going on a train for a 55 hour long trip!

I’ve learned already that it doesn’t matter how well something goes – there’s always a risk that something will surprise us. Flying to San Diego was a risk for me because I didn’t know if my lung would handle pressure changes on a plane but I want to highlight here that three of my doctors told me I could fly. In general I felt well and had no issues but the next day after I arrived I felt pain in my chest on the right side. The same type of pain I had when my lung collapsed but much smaller. I can’t even compare, to be honest. I went to an urgent care where I had an X-ray done and turned out that my lung started going down, simply put. I went to have one more X-ray the next day and it showed my lung was getting lower which means it was worse so since then I just sat on a chair and after the workshops I’d go straight to the hotel and rest on the bed. Now it’s much better, it’s 50% smaller than before which means it’s going the right direction. However, I’m not allowed to fly for a while so I had to find a different way to get back home.

The first idea was for Nathan to fly in and then for both of us to rent a car and drive back home. Eventually we decided not to because it’s very far, too tiring, too long… Another idea was that I’d go home by myself on a train but I was too afraid that if something happened I’d be stuck somewhere in the middle of nowhere and what if it was very hard for Nathan to get to. I preferred not to do it myself. So he flew in on Friday and today (Sunday) we’re going on a train and we’re going back together!


First we need to get to Los Angeles where we’ll be at around 6-7 pm. And then at 10 pm we’re going on a train that will take us all the way to New Orleans which will take 44 hours. We have a 9 hour layover in New Orleans and it’ll be at night so we’ll just probably sleep and later we have 11 more hours on a different train to get to Atlanta.



We’re taking Amtrak Sunset Limited and I’m kind of excited because I know we’ll have awesome views on the way! And it’ll be a totally new experience, something different. On the other hand though 44 hours on one train scares me a little ;). I’ll definitely take a lot of photos and I’ll probably record some videos too so I’ll show you what it all is about. I’m very curious myself!


Besides that everything is totally fine. The last week was very intense, tiring but I learned a lot. I feel a different person now, again, which is great. I’m very happy I came here. The only thing is that I thought I’d rest a little but it didn’t happen ;). I’ll be happy to tell you more about this trip when I’m back home. For now I need to figure out how to bring all the stuff we have because, let me admit it, we have a lot of things here. I also have some sweaters and warm shoes because I was supposed to go to Seattle first before going back home but it obviously won’t happen. I’ll go there one day… I’ve been planning this for three years now!



I hope it’s all good with you! I’m going to eat something and pack.


I’ll see you next. time,