#98 Breakfast with Aga – a different hurricane messed up our plans

Last week

Our plans for the weekend didn’t work out. We were supposed to go to an animal sanctuary but turned out they’re closed on Sundays. So we thought we’d go to Six Flags but in this case it turned out we have a hurricane “Nate” coming for a visit so it’s windy, gloomy and rainy… So Six Flags didn’t work either. We’re sitting at home and the weather makes you not feel like doing anything. Even April went down for a nap much earlier today! She went on a bed, covered herself and fell asleep while listening to me reading her a book. Now Nathan is cleaning the kitchen and I responded to most of the e-mails, there’s just a few left.

I’m listening to Pandora and, let me tell you, I get more and more fed up with popular songs :P. Seriously, there’s no other subjects than sex, alcohol and parties…? Or that a woman is happy that her guy bought her more jewelry and that he should carry her in his arms at all times because she’s so special. Man… I like the 80’s station though, songs from that time had much more sense. It’s sad how everything is going down because it’s everywhere and kids listen to that everywhere they go. But I don’t want to insult anyone here, I myself listen to some of the stupid songs and I’m fine with that ;).

April grew again and I sold some of her clothes. Really, I sometimes look at her and think that she seems bigger than the day before, her face is kind of more mature or something. It’s amazing but sad at the same time because it’s all going by so fast! Also, she was always talkative but before it was more like just making sounds, now she repeats words after us. For example, yesterday she repeated avocado and today she came to me and said water, which meant she wanted to drink water. Of course not in a way we say it but close and I knew what she meant :).





Song of the week

Since I mentioned this low standard of music these days, today I’m posting one of my favorite songs at all times.




A year ago I shared a post in which I told you the results of April’s genetic tests. I’ll never forget this day! In the same post I also added some pictures from my trip to Poland, check them out.

#55 Breakfast with Aga – we have April’s genetic tests results! Photos from Poland.


I also talked about my English and I think I need to write an update on this now.

Me and my American accent



And two years ago I wrote one of the most important posts which, I think, a lot of you can relate with.

I have my own opinion!



I’ll see you next time!