Hurricane Irma in Atlanta

As most of you know, there’s a major hurricane in Florida and there was a mandatory evacuation in a lot of places, however, there are people who decided to stay. Some say that media show things much worse than they are. I don’t know, maybe. But I think that you can’t predict that. It’s a thing you can’t stop and it can rip a roof off a house… or not. I’m not judging but I personally would prefer to run away. Like people say – better safe than sorry.


And how is it in here? Today, Sunday, it was very windy and rather chilly but it didn’t rain. We won’t have a hurricane but a tropical storm. For from tomorrow morning to Tuesday morning they predict heavy rains (up to 17 cm / 7 in). Possible cyclones but strong winds will be here for sure. Trees may fall, there will be possible damages to roofs, porches, etc. There’s a state of emergency in the whole state and some counties had mandatory evacuation – the ones on the East. Today some parts of my city didn’t have power but everything was fine in here. We’ll stay at home tomorrow and on Tuesday but the predictions for Wednesday show shining Sun and much higher temperatures so… it’s interesting.

In grocery stores shelves with some products like bread are empty because people stack on supplies. A lot of them make sure that their cars are full of gas just in case so gas stations were busy and some of them had no gas at all.

It’s the first tripical storm warning in Atlanta EVER.


There are storms every year in the same time, more or less, and we always have strong winds and rains from the South. This one though is much stronger than the ones before. Even my husband who was born in Florida (Tampa area) and lived there for 20 years says that even though hurricanes are kinda normal for him, in this case he wouldn’t take that risk and he’d leave. Because predictions can be mistaken but you never know.


For now I’m not worried.


I hope that everything will be ok and I’ll give you some updates tomorrow on Instastory and Snapchat because I know that some people are interested. Thanks for asking how things are here! I hope we won’t have to replace our roof that we just got ;).




I’ll see you next time,