#95 Breakfast with Aga – nothing is happening :)

Last week

This week went by so fast… Really, very fast, it’s so weird that it’s Monday again. Also, I realized that it’s almost September already! And it’s only one and a half weeks left until I can greet Gosia at the airport in Atlanta. I can’t wait! Our plans are to go to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Tampa and New York City. It’ll be a lot of walking and tired legs again but with a company like this it’ll all be good! We’ll surely see Martyna in New York as well. It’s going to be an awesome month!

Also, it’s been pretty quiet here recently. Ahh, but I need to tell you one thing, before I had a babysitter who watched April once a week for the whole day so I could work on my blog and YouTube videos but… the babysitter found a full time job. And I’m happy that she did but it’s hard for me to be on time with everything because I have no help during a week. And last week was the worst because Nathan would get back at 8 pm, he had a lot of work. I need to find a way. And something else plays a role here too! April doesn’t really takes naps anymore during the day… Very rarely. Ohhh.

It seems to me like all my medical stuff got very calm, a little bit too calm. I think that I forgot to schedule some appointments so I need to check everything and it’ll probably turn out that I’ll have to have tons of them now. But oh well, this is what happens when you don’t follow your schedule ;). Anyways, something that’s kind of connected here, I decided to go back pole dancing. I mean, I’d say I decided to try to go back because I have no idea how my chest will handle. I’m both excited and stressed at the same time so keep your fingers crossed!


A few photos from the last week…




Song of the week

Beyonce! As you know I listen to her pretty often but lately one of the songs is stuck in my head because I finally showed her new album to Nathan. I mean, not really new… New to him. What’s interesting is that he said he liked it! Honestly, I was surprised because before he wasn’t really too much into her work.




A year ago I talked to you about our vacation in Destin. It was April’s first time on the beach. I mean, I don’t count the very first time in Hawaii because she was just 3 weeks then and she didn’t care.

#50 Breakfast with Aga and short but very cool vacation in Florida



Two years ago I wrote about my au pair program that I ended early. If there are any au pairs here reading me and you’re interested, check it out!

Early end of au pair program. | Several last days.




I’ll see you next time!