#94 Breakfast with Aga – home sweet home

Last week

We came back from Oregon and, obviously, we had some adventures this time too. I don’t know if I’ll tell you details because I’m kind of embarrassed, seriously. But I’ll tell you about the trip for sure because there’s a lot to talk about. I’ll never forget this week in Silver Falls.



As many of you know I was a little afraid how April would handle such a new situation. Margie, my mother in law, sent three long emails to us during that week and she said that everything was great and they didn’t have any issues. I felt such a relief even though I don’t know if I believe in a 100% ;).

When me and Nathan got inside April squeaked when she saw us and later she made that face as if she wanted to say “you left me for the whole week and now you want to hug?!” In general she seemed great and during three days after we came back she wanted to cuddle all the time and it was awesome, really. She started saying “no” shaking her head at the same time which I love. Before that she could shake her head only and she didn’t connect these two things together and for “yes” she was like “yeah”. Let me tell you, it’s so easy in so many situations when she can just answer a question like “do you want a banana?” or “do you want to go for a walk?” I love it.



When we were getting ready to come back I bought a raw vegan savory tart that I saw in a grocery store. It was interesting for me and turned out to be a good snack on a plane even though it wasn’t delicious. I’d say it was okay. I thought I’d try to make my own and this one turned out pretty well! Totally different because I didn’t have their recipe and didn’t even remember the ingredients but I experimented a little bit and it was great.



You know that last night I slept with ear plugs? I thought that this time I really didn’t want to be waken up by anyone and it was the first time since I can remember when I slept for 9 hours without waking up. Ahh, this is what I needed!


And several photos from the last week…




Song of the week




A year ago I wrote a post which was a reply to those who think that here on my blog I talk about everything, about my whole life… Because it’s not like this at all.

Privacy on the Internet – how much do you know about me?


And two years ago I gave you my first pregnancy update :).

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On the Internet

I don’t know about you but mosquitoes always bite me like crazy… April doesn’t have any bites, Alicia and Nathan don’t either and I always do which drives me crazy. Recently on Facebook I saw this video showing a test of different products that are supposed to keep mosquitoes away, take a look if you’re curious. It was cool to watch and you can have some interesting conclusions. I’ve been using a natural spray with no chemicals for a while now. It works, it really does… unless I forget to use it.




I hope you’re all fine! Have a nice week :).


I’ll see you next time,