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A while ago I watched some videos called draw my life and I really liked them. They’re about people’s lives, as simple as that. They talk about what happened during this whole time after they were born. I thought I’d write something like this in here and I hope I’ll make you smile abut things I chose to share this time. Remember, though, that this is not my whole life and I’m not sharing every single part of it. These will be my memories from before that came to my mind while writing the post, some of them I mentioned some time before and I’m sure there’ll be something that will surprise you too.




When I was in an elementary school I took a part in a Spring Beauty Contest. Everyone who wanted to be in it had to wear “spring clothes” and they were choosing the best one. “They” meaning high schoolers because my elementary school was with the high school in the same building. I had a long purple dress with tons of small flowers on it. On my head I had a wreath made of purple flowers, it was actually pretty big. And… I won! I remember that I was extremely surprised when they called my name, but very happy. I still have my diploma.

The first time I broke my wrist was when I fell down the monkey bars on one of the playgrounds. I still remember how my hand looked, it was totally distorted and I’m pretty sure I’ll never forget this. A doctor had to put it together and even though they gave me some painkillers it still was extremely painful. That was the last time I ever trusted a nurse saying “it won’t hurt”.

Me and my sister had a neighbor who was our good friend for a few years. She has a younger brother and I remember once when we were at their place he fell and hurt himself. Their parents were making dinner and they called me asking if I could take him. I did, he cuddled to me crying and then stayed on my lap while calming down. This was the first time when I thought: “and when I grow up I wanna be a mom!”

I got my first mobile phone for my 11th birthday. I still remember staying on the bed while my father gave it to me. It was a big Alcatel with an antenna. I was so happy even though the only things it did was sending texts and making calls. I mean, not that other phones at that time did anything else, you know.

I had my first crush in the elementary school but a real one was the one in my middle school. There was this one year older than me boy who I once saw and at that moment, when I saw him for the first time, my heart started racing, I blushed and my hands were sweaty. I remember that very well. What’s more interesting is that even though at that time I was very shy and closed I tried to make a contact with him. Online, of course, everyone is brave online. It obviously didn’t work and I ended up with a broken heart that didn’t last long at all. I guess it wasn’t a real love.

My first piercing was the one in my tongue and I got it when I was 15. I lied I was 16 because I had to be 16 in order to be able to get it without having a parental permission that I’d never get. I was very happy with it and had it for 6 years. Honestly, it was my way of showing others that I’m not as they think I am. That I wasn’t this boring, scared Aga… even though I kinda was. I wanted to fit in but liked piercing in general too. Later I got a lip piercing and more.


Once I went to a hairdresser and told her I wanted her cut my hair the way that one girl in the picture had. I said, I want my hair to be chin long, not shorter than that. She did her job and I left the salon with my hair not even touching my ears! It was so short, the shortest I ever had, it literally didn’t even touch my ears… I cried the whole way back home. Since then it happened a few times that I told hairdressers I wouldn’t pay them if they didn’t listen to what I wanted.

I took a part in a Polish talk show as a guest. It was supposed to be about being tall but turned out it was more about love issues and so on. They introduced me as, a quote, “a 21 year old virgin”. I didn’t really agree for it, I didn’t even know they’d say this. If I knew, I’d ask them to change it. However, I thought that there was already an audience there and everyone was waiting so I decided to go out and pretend I was fine with that.


The first man who paid attention to me was a stripper. Not this kind of a stripper from a night club but someone who’s pretty popular all over the world in a certain group of people who are interested. This was the first man in my life who showed me some interest and who I spent so much time with on talking about my life (and his life too, of course). And yes you’re guessing correctly, nothing worked out because he didn’t believe me that I’d go to the US! And let me tell you, he was shocked when he saw me here but it was too late then. And this time, before moving to the US, I seriously had my heart broken. A lot. I cried a lot and I even wrote a almost 100 page long story about the whole thing. I don’t think I was in love with him, it was more that I was in love with the thought that someone was so much into me. But it also showed me that I could be cared for, that I was lovable and that helped me a lot.

I was a tv extra for around three years and I really enjoyed doing this. Being in front of a camera helped me to feel more comfortable, more self confident and much less shy and closed. It was really cool, I really had a good time. And I actually got pretty interested in doing this and I thought it’d be cool to try playing something one day.


Me and my two friends went to several different concerts and one of them, that is stuck in my memory the most, was LMFAO concert in Bratislava (Slovakia). We rode a bus to get there, it took 12 hours. The concert was awesome and we even are in their video from that European tour a few times, one of them is on 1:40. The thing is, after the concert we waited for Redfoo for like 4 hours and we finally saw him at 2 am when he was done with their afterparty. He was all shocked that we didn’t go in (like they’d let us in, duh!) so then he invited us for a party with them (Redfoo and his friend) and… we went. We drove in their tourbus and ended up in a hotel where we hang out and eventually slept all together, and then just said goodbye in the morning. Crazy, huh? I don’t think you’d expect something like this from me.


I always liked posing for photos even though I don’t think I know how. I usually need some advice and if I have none I need to put some thought into it. My sister was the one who took a lot of good photos of me and I’m still impressed by how much of a patience she had! Lately I had a few more professional photoshoots and I hope to have more in the future because I really like it.

Atlanta Boudoir Photography | www.meaganophotography.com



And that’s all for now. Do you have any interesting story from your life that you’d like to share :)?



I’ll see you next time,




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