#90 Breakfast with Aga – dancing April!

Last week

April started dancing to the music! She has a few moves that she keeps repeating and she’s so happy that I can’t stop looking at her. I love her! And I just went downstairs to check on Alicia because she was pretty quiet and turned out she was asleep on the couch. It happens pretty rarely!

Some time ago I sent an application to take conditions off my green card and imagine that they sent it back to me saying that the form was… expired. Not that I downloaded it 3 days before I sent them but ok. Anyways, I sent it back again with a new form and four days later I got a letter that they extended my green card for a year. Tomorrow (I mean, on Monday) I have to go to give them my fingerprints. And later I’ll just have to wait for my green card that I’ll have for 10 years. I’m curious when I’ll get it.

I don’t know if you remember but a little bit ago I asked here and on Instagram what kind of laptop you recommend to me. After reading all the comments and messages, analyzing everything and reading other people’s opinions I decided on Apple and bought MacBook Pro. I have no idea if I’ll like it or not, for now I have no idea how to use it and I think it’s understandable after so many years of using Windows. I hope I won’t be disappointed though! Because I was always against Apple, always. Mostly because in my opinion you pay more for a name than for a product but on the other hand I have a bad experience with Lenovo, Dell and Asus so it’s time to try something new. However, if it comes to a phone I’m staying with my LG!

My phone showed me a notification with memories from a year ago. Look at these photos. Super cute, huh :)?




Song of the week

Recently I’ve been listening to music that I have on my phone and I listened one of them for like 10 times. Not because it’s like super awesome… I mean, I like it a lot but it’s not like an art ;). Mostly because I have awesome memories with it! New Year’s Eve in Katowice where I went with Marta and where Danny performed and one of the songs was this one. It was one of the best New Years in my life! Me and Marta were in a first row of course!






Last year I told you about my trip to Poland. I took April with me at that time and it was a challenge! If you’re interested in what we did, check it out!

About my trip to Poland…


And two years ago I wrote one of the most important posts in my life… It’d be awesome if you read it.

How to fight shyness?



I hope it’s all good with you!


I’ll see you next time,





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