#90 Breakfast with Aga – we got back sound and safe! Well… almost.

We spent the whole week in Celebration, a town near Orlando, Florida. In a place where they have a famous Disney World and Universal Studios… where we didn’t go. We went to Disney once already where April wasn’t here yet and I also went to Disneyland in Paris several years ago. Also, we don’t really like the idea of paying so much money to go into a place where you can look at women dressed up as princesses ;). It was too hot to stay in lines too, especially for April. So we decided that we’ll go to Universal either next time or in a year when April is older and so she’ll be able to do more.

We stayed in Mystic Dunes Resort & Golf Club and I definitely recommend this place. Our apartment was by the biggest pool with a slide which was cool because Alicia had a good time. And April too because now she goes crazy in the water! I’m glad that I took her to that swim class I told you about before.


These cheeks!



We went to an indoor playground because even though April is still small I wanted her to have something to do as well. And I can tell you that she had a very good time! In general it was a cool place and a good way to rest from the heat. I regret that there’s nothing like this here in the area but on the other hand maybe I should open one?


A face saying “push me more!”



We went to grab a smoothie bowl to one of the places in Orlando and we walked through the city a little bit. We found a pretty nice playground by the Lake Eola which was an accident but I’m glad we got there. I mean, it wasn’t difficult to find it but we just didn’t look. We spent there some time and April had an awesome time looking at swans, pigeons and other animals running around, Alicia found someone new to play. We left when it started raining.



Like I said, we didn’t go to any big parks but we wanted to find something smaller, calmer and cheaper. Fortunately, we went to Old Town and they had some rollercoasters which Alicia could ride on and also some of the little ones that April could go on too. I mean, the ones for April weren’t really rollercoasters, more like carousel, but still. The weirdest thing is that one of them had a height requirement of 60 cm (24 in) and… parents weren’t able to go because they were too tall. Hmm. Imagine that I was 62 cm (24,4 in) when I was born and April was 51 cm (20 in). And they expect such small kids to go by themselves. Even Alicia was too tall. Weird but oh well, maybe next time. I put her down on a horse on a carousel in an old style and stayed with her the whole time but she really panicked so we stopped and I took her away, Alicia stayed by herself. You won’t know until you try! There was no issue with a ferris wheel.


April watching one of the rollercoasters!


This is the carousel that she panicked on.



Almost at the very beginning we decided not to go to the beach because it was too hot for this. Later plans changed a little bit and we went to visit one of Nathan’s sister who lives close by and there’s a beach close to her house. So we went there for a few minutes and I think that everyone had a good time. Let me tell you, Alicia really didn’t want to go and there was a moment when she said “I’m not going, that’s it!” and you know she made this face as if she was offended and so on. It was easy to see that there was a problem but she didn’t want to say what it was for a while. However, I knew that it would change and yes, after talking for a while she said we could go but for a few minutes only and then she liked it so much that she was asking for five more minutes ;).

April was very afraid at first when she saw and felt those big waves so she held on to me for a few first minutes, later she sat on my lap and started kicking her legs. And later she started laughing with each next wave and she eventually went on her belly on the sand! You have no idea how awesome it is to watch that! Especially when she was making all the decisions by herself, I didn’t do anything, just let her do it all by herself. It worked and I definitely recommend this way.



And everything would be great if I didn’t get a heat exhaustion or something. I mean, I wasn’t diagnosed but I had most of the symptoms and that headache I had was the worst one in my life! The weirdest thing is that we didn’t spend too much time on the Sun, I’d stay in the shade and stuff but seems like it was just too hot for me out there. Besides, I didn’t have a sun hat so don’t make this mistake! Now I feel much better but I think I’ll wait a few days before I go out again. But the area was awesome, huh :)?


Anyways, even though I had this bad experience I’m happy we went there! It was cool to spend this week all together but next time we’ll go in a cooler time ;).


I’ll see you next time,


  • Dori Papis

    Awesome holidays 😉 if you don’t like heat please come here to northern Poland. Rain and little sun will welcome you LOL 😁