Let’s celebrate 4th of July!


I’m not a patriot neither in Poland nor in here (you know, I’ve been here a little over 3 years). So I don’t sing the national anthem but I like fireworks. Two years ago Monika was here visiting and together with Nathan we then went to Stone Mountain for their show. This time we stayed here in the area and we went to Briana’s place, she invited us and some other friends. The show was on the lake in Peachtree City, people brought their blankets or chairs and stayed wherever possible.

I need to say that I was afraid that April would get scared and cry or something and the show started at 9:30 pm, she always goes to bed at 9 pm. But fortunately nothing like this happened! She was interested, sometimes even totally amazed. She was staring at the fireworks, laughed, pointed at it… Awesome! She really had a good time :). And I did too, I liked the whole show but the only missing thing was the music. We also invited Margie, Nathan’s mother, who had her birthday that day too! I had a good time so I’d like to show you some photos.


A co wy, mieszkańcy USA, robiliście tego dnia?

Do następnego,