#89 Breakfast with Aga – I fell down the stairs!

Last week

Like I mentioned before, Alicia came back from China. She was the happiest to see April 😉 and let me tell you that April was happy too. It was cool to watch. I proposed to go to a raw vegan restaurant so Alicia could try something new. She was pretty excited so we all went there. Food was really good but to be honest this amount was enough for me for a long time. While leaving the restaurant I was thinking that I wanted to eat some juicy watermelon or orange ;).

I had an appointment with my new oncologist. I’m saying new because I didn’t like the one I had before so I looked for someone else and this one is great. She knows a lot, is friendly and, what I like the most, he listens to a patient which is me. And it’s awesome that all of my doctors are in one system so I don’t have to bring any tests results or anything else because they have all of that in their computers so it’s easier for all of us. And why do I need an oncologist? No, I don’t have a cancer. I needed an oncologist to keep track on my tests and results because my general practitioner doesn’t know enough to check all the MRI results and so on.

A laptop that I use now was bought at the very beginning of my stay in the USA as an au pair and it was pretty cheap because, you know, I couldn’t pay too much at that time. I now see that because it starts breaking and different weird things happen. All these things happened to my old laptop in Poland and it eventually stopped working. So on Instagram I asked which laptop to choose to edit movies and just use for Internets, I don’t play games or anything like this. And I see a trend. Most people recommend MacBook to me and even thought I never wanted to have any Apple products because I still think you mostly pay for the name instead of paying for a product, I now consider it after reading tons of opinions from people using their laptops for the same things. So I’m open for different options and I don’t have any specific criteria so I’ll be happy to read your recommendations!

I went to a yoga class for the first time and it was yoga focusing on breathing, relaxing, calming down. I need to tell you that I had a very good time but I know that it’ll take a while to practice breathing and all that. Even then, I could feel my muscles relaxing with each next minute of the class. I’ll go back there for sure!


And some photos…



Song of the week

Today I have something different than what I showed you so far. This is one of Nathan’s favorite artists and I like his songs too. Like I said a while ago, even though I listen to people like Redfoo whose songs are just stupid ;), I still like songs with messages, and this is one of the reasons why I like Muse. And Kris Kristofferson is one of the people who write songs that make sense.



To watch

Someone sent this video to me and it got me very interested so I wanted to share it with you. I won’t talk about it too much, just watch.




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