What has been happening with April within the last 6 months

April has been developing so fast that I can’t keep up. She does something new every single day, a new sound, surprises me with something I wouldn’t expect. A while ago I thought I’d want to make notes everyday but when the reality came it turned out to be something impossible. But I do have a book from her first year and I really recommend something like this! Anyway, since I don’t have any daily notes I thought I’d write a post in which I’ll just put everything together. I mean, not everything but some of it.



I wrote a post like this when April was around 9 months old and you can read it here. Since then a lot of things happened and changed…

She wasn’t sick at all, she didn’t even have the smaller cold. She develops correctly, doesn’t have any issues. She started walking between her 10th and 11th month and now she runs and it’s sometimes impossible to stop her! She doesn’t wobble at all and she can keep her balance in the most extreme situations, I sometimes get surprised that she didn’t fall. She can go up and down the couch. She lifts different things, she can pick up not only her small toys but also bigger boxes (recently she brought a package from outside for me!) or even hand weights. Now she not only goes up the stairs but she also learned how to go down! She started moving to the rhythm of the music and her dance is just adorable.



She builds a block tower and she’s pretty good at it, she puts different things in bags and boxes. She organizes things in drawers, although she still prefers to make a mess. She can distinguish shapes of blocks and put a round one into a round hole or a square one into a square hole.

Before she loved being carried and she still likes it but now she likes walking by herself more. She sometimes can go for a while before she gets tired. It’s funny that she sometimes just sits down on the ground to rest, I guess, and then she gets up and goes again. When she wants to go out she brings me her shoes (mine too often) and wants me to put them on her, and then she goes to the door. It happens that she won’t bring the shoes but she’ll try to open the door and even though she can reach the knob, she doesn’t know how to use it. She loves our daily walks in her stroller and she sometimes goes to it by herself and tried to go in but she doesn’t know how to do it yet.



I can clearly see that she’s more aware of everything around and her own body. She touches herself everywhere where she can reach and she often first grabs her nose and then mine, then hers again. She points at flying planes and birds, she watches all kinds of creatures, from deer to spiders. She wants to touch everything, look at everything and she puts a lot of things into her mouth. When I change her diaper she started to grab a wipe and wipe herself and sometimes when she needs to be changed she brings me to our changing table.

She loves playing outside so I often open the back door for her and she goes by herself. She watched everything, walks barefoot on the grass, plays in mud, runs in rain… And she’s very happy then.



For a while she had a separation anxiety and when she was left in a room by herself for a little bit she’d start crying and screaming, it was bad. Now it changed and it’s much better, today for example she stayed with two of my friends so that I could go to my car and she didn’t have any problems with that, she didn’t cry at all. She sometimes stays in the living room when I fold a laundry in the bedroom and she plays by herself. She often starts playing right after she wakes up from her nap, she sometimes calls me when I’m not there or starts crying when something’s wrong but in general she’s much more independent and I love watching it. I’m the one who she likes to spend time with the most, she kind of clings to me, prefers to be in my arms, even though she of course loves Nathan too but I’m just her favorite now.

Recently, as you know, April shouted banana! She can also say mama, dada, done, bye bye, go. Próbuje też powiedzieć dog ball, but it doesn’t work for her yet. When she doesn’t want something she shakes her head no. When I ask if she wants something she responds either with shaking her head or showing me with her hands that she wants it. She sometimes says yeah but I’m not sure if she realizes that she agrees with someone by saying that. I’m glad she knows no because it’s much more useful to refuse! She can grab my ear when I ask where’s my ear or when I ask where’s your ear she grabs hers. She knows nose, eye and mouth as well. We haven’t practice the rest yet. A long time ago when Nathan told her to show her toy to a babysitter she got up, grabbed the toy and brought it to the babysitter. It was surprising because Nate had no idea that she understood so much at that time. When I say give me a kiss she puts her lips together and gives me a kiss. She sometimes does it without me saying anything which I adore and when I say I love you she smiles to me.



She doesn’t really realize that when she puts her finger in my eye or hits me in my head with a block it’ll hurt. It happened that I… cried from pain! When this happens or when I say ouch! she stops and rarely repeats it. She understand my reaction, she sees that my emotions change. What’s interesting, a few times she came up to me and either put her hand on the place that she hit me or she hugged me and it’s so cute!

I don’t know, I’m lucky or something but I have a child who’s generally pretty happy, can be by herself, play by herself, she shows when she wants something and gives signals when she doesn’t. And this is awesome. We don’t have problems with putting her to sleep at night and she often goes down for a nap by herself whenever she’s sleepy enough. She obviously has bad days too when she cried, gets upset and so on. I think though that it’s mostly because she tries to communicate something but she can’t talk yet so it’s hard because nobody understands what she means. And she wants to be understood, she wants to share something, show that she needs something… and nobody gives her what she needs. So she starts crying or screaming and so on. It’s the same way with most or all the kids and this is totally normal. They need to be understood and if you punish them for being upset they’ll never get what they need, they’ll stop trusting you completely.




And what’s happening with your little ones :)?


I’ll see you next time,






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