#86 Breakfast with Aga – hard week with an awesome break for a Muse concert

Last week

Thursday was such a bad day for me! Really, everything was wrong, from the very beginning something was not the way it should have been. April was more whiny than ever before and I was exhausted because I couldn’t sleep at night and she got up at 6:30 am. At the post office it turned out that my card didn’t work and when I called my bank it turned out that someone hacked my PayPal and used it for over 13 transactions in a row. And.. yeah, whatever I did everything would break and at the end of this awesome day I hit Nathan’s car while backing up from the garage. I have no idea how I did it because I knew that his car was outside in the same place as always, I knew he was home so his car was outside. And I suddenly totally forgot about it and I didn’t even look back which is not what I do anyway. Fortunately, I drove slowly so it’s not bad but still… I couldn’t wait for the day to end.

April left a piece of a date on the floor which I didn’t notice and I realized when we got back home and I saw tons of ants… Man, it wasn’t a pleasant view and I was afraid they’d bite April again so I had to clean it fast. And it was happening on Thursday as well. Let me tell you, it’s hard to get rid of ants and make sure that there’s no way for them to get inside again but with Nathan’s help we did it! It took three days but we made it.

Some time ago I mentioned you about that shop with used kids clothes – Once upon a child. On Saturday they had this huge sale and between 10 and noon they had 70% discount on everything and since all of their items cost around $1 or $2 it makes a lot of sense to get this discount ;). We went there of course! I bought tons of things, some of them were totally new, and paid only $40 for everything.

On Tuesday me and Nathan went to see Muse and it was AWESOME. Really, one of the best concerts I’ve been to in my life, they’re definitely in my top 3. Everything sounded better than on their CDs and each song has some message which is very rare these days. If you ever have a chance to see Muse do it! Nathan really liked it too and he didn’t even listen to them before. I’m still excited. And I could listen to my favorite “Uprising”!! I didn’t take any photos or videos because I just wanted to be here and now… I mean, there and then :). That’s why today’s song will be a Muse song one more time!


Several photos from last week…

Wesley i a piece of Mary 🙂




Song of the week



To watch

Have you seen my last video? I gave you a cool idea for cucumber noodles. It’s in Polish and doesn’t have English subtitles yet but you can still see what I ate that day.



On the Internet

I read that around 0,2% of babies are born face up. You know, normally the first thing you see is tip of the head but in this rare case the first thing you see is the face! Incredible. I saw a photo that I wanted to link here but unfortunately it was removed.




A year ago I wrote a post about how it is to be a full time mom. It’s still valid so if you’re interested go ahead and take a look!

How is it to be a full time mom? + Photos from my childbirth!


And two years ago I showed you how I see my dream world. Now I’d add a few things but in general everything is still good for me. How do you see your own dream world?

My dream world.



I’ll see you next time,