#85 Breakfast with Aga – raw vegan cheesecake and a lot of photos from the past week

Last week

We took April to the pool again! She’s so confident that now she jumps into the pool by herself, then turns around, goes back out and jumps in again. This gave her a lot of joy! This time I was inside with her and Nathan was taking photos and made some videos too. Before he was the only one who had pictures so now it was my turn as well. But I kinda regret I paid for this session. I thought that it’d be more advanced but it’s the same thing again so April and one more boy feel very well in the water and they’re in the same group with babies who never went in the pool before. Oh well, we have a good time anyway :).



Alicia went to China with her mother for around four weeks and they’re coming back at the end of June. It’s a long time and it’s hard to call each other because there’s a 12 hour time difference, it’s a lot. But we’re managing somehow. When she’s back she’ll probably start preparing her birthday party… We’ll see what she’ll come up with ;).


I had my first post-op appointment with my surgeon and I had a surprise for everyone and made so called power balls. I used raw peanut butter, coconut shreds, banana and some peanuts. They were very pleased when I gave i to them :). I thought it’d be cool to do it because they did so much for me, my surgeon did a very good job and all the people working out there are awesome.



Several pictures from the past week…

I made a raw vegan cheesecake! And I’m proud of it because it turned out to be delicious. I’ll show you the recipe in two weeks because I’m going to make it again for Mary’s son’s birthday party :).


You want some smoothie?

This is how April smiles for pictures :D.


We went to a raw vegan restaurant that’s half an hour drive from our place for the first time. We tried their burgers and they were de-li-cious. The place is called Lovin’ It Live if you’d like to check out their menu.





Song of the week

We’re going to Muse concert on Tuesday! I can’t wait!



To watch

I accidentally came across this video called “10 flight attendant secrets you don’t know about” and I thought I’d share it with you. Those are hints what to do to make your trip more comfortable.





And what’s up with you?


Talk to you next time,


  • Dori Papis

    The cake looks amazing! I’m looking forward to getting the recipe in my hands 🙂 Cashews are quite expensive here in Poland but indeed…… it’s not everyday dish 😉