Mother’s Day… I think I forgot about it, oops!

I never liked Mother’s Day because since I was 7 years old I had nobody to celebrate it with. When other kids in school were making cards for their mothers I always sat there with tears in my eyes and waited for my teacher to say: “make one for your grandmother”. And so I did and she really was like my mother then, she took care of me and my sister the way she could. But it was still not the same, I still wanted to have this right person to give a card to. So I used to put cards on a grave.

Later in my life when I created a Facebook account I started getting annoyed by all those wishes from people for their moms. I always wondered why they couldn’t just go to them or call them and say all that directly what they’re writing. And especially the ones whose mothers are not even on Facebook. I often really had to fight with myself not to say anything and it always worked but now I’m saying it out loud here.

I’m sure that part of it was envy. But not the way “you suck, I don’t have it so you can’t have it either” but more like, man, that’s awesome… I’d like it too. I’d like to have someone to give wishes to as well. But I don’t and I don’t want to fight with people because of that because they celebrate the way it’s right for them.

For a long time now I wanted to have kids, since I can remember. I remember that when they asked who I’d like to be in the future I used to come up with something random just so that I fit in but somewhere deep inside I had this thought that I just wanted to have a family. And I also remember that since I was a teenager I wanted to have a baby before my 25th birthday. And you see, it worked! So now when someone tells me that I’m wasting my life, that I have no ambitions, I’m stuck in one place and more comments like that I don’t pay too much attention because this is the life I always wanted and it’s nobody else’s business.

And yes, now I’m a mother, I’m honored as well. Now I can celebrate this day too and smile and say “thanks” when a stranger on the street tells me “happy mother’s day!”, I can feel proud that I’m one of them now. And it might sound silly for some but I really see it that way. Being a mom gives me a lot of satisfaction, happiness, love and fulfillment. And I’m not saying it’s all awesome because it’s not but it’s still a huge part of my life that I can’t imagine living without.


Dear mothers, late but honest – Happy Mother’s Day :)!




Talk to you next time,





PS. The only thing that I missed this year was Nathan’s creativity because I counted on getting a card or something but I never did :(.

PS2. Mother’s Day in the US was on May 14th and in Poland it’s May 26th.