#84 Breakfast with Aga – brain MRI results and tomatoes in our garden!

Last week


I got results from my second brain MRI and my new neurosurgeon said that the mass hasn’t changed its size or shape so it’s all good. I’ll have one more MRI in 6 months and then the doctor will compare this one with the first one to make sure about the size because it happens that the difference is so small that it’s impossible to see in 6 months. But in general I felt a huge relief, really. I was really afraid what I’d hear but somewhere inside I kinda knew that everything was fine. And one more good news that I didn’t know about before is that this mass is connected to my brain with one vein only, it’s just floating there in the cavity so it’s easy to see, measure and control it. And if it doesn’t grow at all it can stay there for the rest of my life since it doesn’t cause any issues and my doctor said there’s a lot of people with something like this.

A while ago I planted some food in our backyard and I think we’ll have a lot of tomatoes. Let me tell you, it’s all exciting to me especially because all the plants I had in my whole life always died! I was afraid that tomatoes would die too and I really wanted to have them most of all. And they’ve been growing like crazy and when I see those tiny green balls that will soon change into big, red, juicy tomatoes I’m really happy! April picked one totally unripe tomato recently and tried to eat it but it was definitely too hard and I took it away. She’ll always go into everything ;).


A few photos from the last week…


Recently April has been taking naps in weird positions and weird places… Like this one with her head under the couch ;).


I really like this quote, it’s very true! A lot of people tell me that I won’t change the world anyway and if I think differently it means I’m naive but I deeply believe and see from experience that it IS possible. And I’m not talking about changing it all just like this but about small steps, like for example one person at a time… It all leads to big changes.



Another weird position to sleep in – standing on the floor with the head on the couch and holding the pillow ;).


And this is how she relaxed at the pool!


Song of the week

Since it’s pretty crazy in Poland about Bruno now because he had his first concert out there I’m posting his song! I remember that a few years ago before his concert in Berlin I told him that his fans in Poland were waiting and that he wouldn’t be disappointed and he said he really wanted to perform there. Well, everyone says that ;). But from what I’ve seen in photos I think he really liked it and Polish fans did their best again!




For a long time people were telling me that they weren’t able to add comments on my blog because there are some strange errors popping up. I asked my friend who keeps helping me with my page about it and she loaded a new comment system. Here it is! And it works very well :).


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