10 things nobody will tell you about a childbirth

I thought I’d go back to a childbirth. I know that a lot of moms and pregnant women read my blog so maybe it’ll help someone. If you prefer to be surprised or you don’t like reading things like that then end here.

A while ago I told you about 13 things nobody tells you about pregnancy and now I decided to show you 10 which you won’t hear about labor and delivery!


Remember that I’m talking about my experience and my own knowledge and what I wrote here won’t apply to all of you.




  1. It’s not always like it is in movies

My water broke all at once so I experienced the whole thing and, to be honest, I liked it even though we had to buy a new mattress. However, the truth is that it doesn’t mean that it happens with no symptoms before too often because it does not happen often. In most cases water breaks while in an active labor, often when a woman pushes. In the most cases before that happens a woman has some symptoms showing that labor is coming very soon. It varies. So if you think that it’ll be exactly how they show in movies that a woman walks around with no pain and nothing else and suddenly she feels one big contraction during which her water breaks and she has a baby after 10 minutes… you’ll most likely be disappointed.




  1. Pooping while pushing

I read online that a lot of women are afraid that they’ll poop while in labor. Unfortunately, the reality is that it happens more often than you think and the best thing is that most mothers have no idea because nurses clean everything right then and nobody realizes that there was anything. There’s no need to worry, doctors have seen everything.


  1. You don’t have to push to give birth

Contractions that will help you give birth come when you’re 10 dialed and when your baby is ready to be born. They appear every around 2 minutes and last around 60-90 seconds, I had them every minute and each one lasted around a minute. You can’t control them, they just come and that’s it, there’s nothing you can do. And they’re responsible for literally pushing your baby out. Each one of them pushes your baby further and further until the child is born. You can help mother nature and push while you have a contraction but the truth is that your baby will be born even without you trying your best to push.



  1. Laying on your back is a bad position to give birth

I mean, it depends for whom. For doctors, nurses and midwives you being on your back is the most comfortable because they see everything, they can control everything and so on. For women, however, it’s not a good solution because, for example, your pelvis is around 30% more closed comparing to when you’re squatting, pushing on your back is like pushing up the hill – against gravity, a woman and her baby don’t get optimal levels of blood and oxygen which can lead to low heart rate, and more. It’s much better to squat, for example.


  1. Shaking because of hormones

If I didn’t read a book about a natural childbirth I’d have no idea that this can happen! Hormones that are released while labor like oxytocin and stress hormones all together can cause reactions like shaking, sweating, throwing up and more. What happened to me was that I was shaking so much that I wasn’t able to give birth in a position I wanted to because I wasn’t able to keep my body on my legs. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about it and even if doctors find a way it’s still better not to put any meds in your body while you’re giving birth.



  1. You need to give birth to placenta too

A lot of people don’t realize that placenta can’t stay inside and that it won’t go out by itself either. You need to deliver it. In most cases it doesn’t take much time, it’s usually a fast and easy process which is a good thing. Nurses sometimes massage women’s stomachs to help a little but don’t let them push and push because they might cause more harm than help. What’s interesting is that more women now produce pills from their placenta, others add it to their smoothies and others bury it in their garden. I didn’t do anything like this, I just asked for a photo of mine.


  1. A lot of people will look between your legs

And the best thing is that at some point you won’t care anymore. I know it’s hard to believe but this is how it is, what will matter is greeting your baby as soon as possible.



  1. Nurses will clean you and everything around you

I remember that after I gave birth a nurse came to me with a bowl with warm water and a towel and asked if she could wash me. I agreed because, you know, my legs were kinda messy and so on but I didn’t expect that she’d wash me… all around. When she left I was all clean, I had a mesh underwear with their huge pad, clean clothes on and clean sheets. Shock!


  1. They won’t let you eat while you’re in labor

Of course, it depends on a hospital, a type of delivery, medicines and so on but in general after they admit you to a hospital you won’t be allowed to eat anything. And it doesn’t matter if you’re in labor 7 or 27 hours – no food and that’s it. They usually give women ice cubes to suck on only. I stated in my birth plan that if I got hungry I wanted to be able to eat and I obviously didn’t mean big meals but I meant things like crackers or something I ate at that time. I ended up not eating anything because I didn’t feel like it.


  1. You’ll forget about all that after you give birth

I know that this might seem impossible but it’s how it is. Doesn’t matter how it hurts and how much you want to get over it all, when you get your baby on your chest everything will suddenly disappear.




Would you add anything else?



Till next time,




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