#82 Breakfast with Aga – broken car, how I feel after the surgery and swimming April

Last week

I’ve had a busy time lately. First, a trip to Florida which I told you about in this post. Right after I got back from there I went to New York City and I’ll add a post about it soon. Then I had a surgery. No peace, nope, just need to keep going!

I had to get my car fixed and that cost me almost one and a half thousands dollars. Paying so much at once isn’t something that I like too much. Well, this is how it goes with those machines, right? It’s better to do it now than to break the car completely. A while ago I also dropped my phone and my screen is cracked but I still have it on. The weirdest thing is that I always have a case on it and my phone never drops and then I didn’t have it on because I have to replace it and of course I dropped the phone while waiting for a new case. Life.

We went to the farmers market as we do every week and this time we also stopped by a vegan restaurant which has some raw vegan options. We ate raw vegan zucchini noodles with sun dried tomato pesto. Yum!


I’m resting after my surgery and let me tell you I’m impressed by how well everything has been going. Since they stopped giving me meds in the hospital I didn’t take any pain killers at all and the pain I felt on my incisions was smaller than the pain I felt when I cut my finger several days ago! I drive a car and carried April a few times but it’s not very comfortable when she sometimes goes on my chest. Cool, huh? The only thing is that I’m tired and I feel like my body is getting rid of toxins that it got because of the surgery and it’s awesome that I’m aware of it. Before I wouldn’t feel anything or I didn’t realize it. Other than that, I had blood work and white cell count dropped (the last result was too high) so it gives me hope that my brain MRI which I’ll have on Wednesday will be ok. We’ll see.

April is so smart! When you ask her “where’s my ear?” she’ll grab your ear and she’ll do the same with your nose and an eye. A few days ago Nathan told her to show a toy to Bailey, our new babysitter. And then April got up, grabbed a toy and put it by Bailey. It’s awesome to watch all that! Now it’s getting harder and harder to stop her and she became more interested in walking by herself than in being carried which definitely changed. We still take her to swim class and this time I didn’t go in the pool of course bu I watched them. She gets more and more comfortable each time and this time she went under the water! It was awesome. She also realized that if she wants to move in the water she needs to move her legs and arms which, sometimes, looked funny.



Song of the week

Since I just bought tickets for Muse concert for me and Nathan I’m adding their song here now! It’s one of my favorites. And a special guest on the concert will be Thirty Seconds to Mars. I can’t wait!



Talk to you next time,