Tampa and Clearwater Beach – photos from the girls’ takeaway!

I told you that me and Alicia wanted to go to Destin but it didn’t work out. There was some storms coming from the central part of the USA and in the part of Florida where we could easily drive they had rains, winds and thunderstorms. It didn’t make sense to go there because we’d be stuck in a hotel. And I really wanted to take her somewhere so together with Nathan we checked other places. The best option was to go to Tampa, a little further South, so we went there. I bought tickets for $150 for a round trip for one person so it was a good price for the last minute flight. We went with Spirit and in general I don’t recommend this airline unless you have no other choice. We went there on Tuesday and got back on Thursday.



I came up with this idea because we didn’t have a chance to spend time with each other. If we did it was like a few hours here and there but in general there was always April with us or April and Nathan. So I thought it’d be a great idea to spend some time together, talk, get closer and so on. I think that it was an awesome idea :).

We stayed at Kasia and Brian’s apartment. They moved to Tampa from Atlanta a little bit ago so I sent a message to them that we’d be there and asked if we could stay. So we spent a good time with each other and with them as well.

I looked for some attractions for a while but it turned out that we spent pretty much the whole day on the beach and on the second day we went to the pool, then we ate something and then it was time to go home. Kasia took us to Clearwater Beach which is a city around an hour away from Tampa. Clearwater Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the USA, they say, and even though Destin is still my favorite vacation spot I liked that one too. I liked it that there was no season now so there was not too many people and I like it better this way.



Kasia went to the city to take some pictures and we stayed at the beach. It was very, very warm, I’d even say hot and I got tanned. For some I’m still white but comparing to how I look normally I’m really tanned, I reached my limit and I don’t want to be any darker. You can’t see that on the photos though.

I saw some water attractions so I wondered what we could do. I showed Alicia parasailing and asked if she wanted to go. She said sure and told me to pay right then. People are 500 feet above the ocean on it and I told Alicia that if she didn’t want to go that high she could tell them that she wanted to go half way or something. She said she really wanted as high as possible because it’s so cool and so on which surprised me a little but I was like okay. When we got to the place she got a little stressed and then she got scared! She had her eyes closed for most of the time and at the end she said she enjoyed it a lot and she wanted to go again. I’m happy we did it! I paid $190 in total which was $70 for each + $30 for photos + tax. A lot but oh well, it was worth it. It was very calm up there, didn’t move us almost at all and we could relax.



We walked around too but not too much because Alicia really didn’t want to do that and it was so hot that I wasn’t too interested either ;). In places like this one sunscreen (but a natural one – I’ll talk about it later), a hat and sunglasses are necessary! It was very nice out there. Clean, colorful, very nice. The only thing I didn’t like was that it was very hard to find a public restroom and normally they have toilets in places like Walgreens or CVS and there they didn’t want to let me go. Very weird.



I thought I’d go crazy a little bit and we visited three raw vegan restaurants. One of them was mostly with smoothie bowls, the other one vegan with a few raw options and the last one totally raw vegan. I wanted to try and I didn’t feel disappointed! Alicia liked her food too which I was very happy about and if you’re interested about what I ate on this trip go ahead and check out my new video on youtube. We ordered the food on the way back home and we ate all of it when we got back. We also ordered something for Brian who normally eats meat and then he had the whole thing with no problem so he liked it! It was awesome to see people who try some different things than traditional meals and they like them.



Let me tell you, everything went very well. We had time for interesting talks, laughs or just to be alone. She told me something that made us both teared up and later Nathan reacted the same way when I told him. I was wondering if to say what it was about here but I decided not to so forgive me that I made you interested and I’m leaving you like this. You need to know though that those two days gave us a lot so I highly recommend trips like this.


I’ll talk to you next time,





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