#80 Breakfast with Aga – my second surgery is coming!

Last week

They called me from my plastic surgeon’s office and told me that they can schedule my surgery for May 10th. I agreed, of course, because the sooner the better and I’ll be able to do have an MRI because I won’t have expanders anymore. What’s better, a while ago I got a phone call from one of my genetic counselors (I have two of them) and turned out they found a way to order a full body MRI for me! I thought they forgot about me because nobody got back since November and turned out that during this whole time they were working on a protocol for me so that my insurance company won’t make any problems with such a rare exam. Cool, I like them ;).


On Saturday I took April to the swimming class that I told you about last week and this time it all happened with no problem. I had a good time! April was afraid at the beginning and she was stuck to me so I didn’t force her to do anything. It took her around 15-20 minutes to feel more comfortable and after this it was all good. Too bad it’s only once a week!


Let me tell you, nothing interesting happened. Good because at least there’s no problem. Next weekend I’m taking Alicia to the beach! We’re going to Destin which is my favorite place for vacation. I can’t wait :).


I heard that it’s snowing in Poland! Here it’s pretty hot in general but today was rainy and chilly. We wanted to go to the lake but we didn’t check the weather so it didn’t work out.


And some photos!





To watch

Have you seen “Beauty and the Beast”? I went to the movie theater with my friend today because I was very curious. I liked it in general and I think they did an awesome job! Actors and all the other people. Everything looked perfect and costumes were amazing! The only thing is that I didn’t realize that it’s a musical and I like musicals but only live, I don’t really like them on screens. So this was this one thing that bothered me and I think that I’d like it more if they had less singing. Have you seen it? Do you like it?




On the Internet


Have you even wondered how loneliness affect people? What kind of diseases can it bring? How can it affect out future? Turned out that loneliness increases the risk of early death as much as smoking or being 100 lbs overweight. You can read the whole article by clicking here.



A year ago I added a post with my answers to the most common questions at that time. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out!

How did my relationship with Nathan start? Will I teach April Polish language? How did my family react about me staying in the US? – I’m answering your questions!



I’ll see you next time!




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