If I could go back in time…

Not that long ago I talked with Nathan about the fact that I have a few things that I’d change if I could go back in time. I don’t regret anything in a way that I think I did something wrong, no! I know that everything I did was the best at the moment and I had to learn all that by myself but I also now that over time my thinking keeps changing and I came to some conclusions that I didn’t think of before. I’d like to talk about them today because who knows, maybe I’ll help some of you who are pregnant now. And note that photos in this post are low quality ;).


If I could go back in time…



1. I’d give birth at home

Even though everything went well and my birth plan was used a lot I thought I wish I decided to have a home birth. I think it’s an awesome thing because you’re in your own environment, you can relax completely, calm down, do whatever you want to without strangers around you, regardless of how many of them. Everything goes on its own pace, nobody comes every minute to ask how you feel and if you need anything. Of course there’s still someone who keeps an eye on everything, it’s a midwife most of the time (sometimes a doctor but it doesn’t happen too often) so a mother has a medical support as well. The difference is that you feel much better being in your own bedroom, on your own bed or your own bathtub without any machines around you. If I could go back in time I’d definitely change this.



2. I’d wear April more often

I wore April from her birth but I wish I did it more often. Especially when we were home and she needed to be close to me and I wanted to do something else. I’d sometimes put her in a wrap and, for example, fold the laundry but most of the time I sat on the chair with her on my chest. Now I know that I’d have the wrap on me most of the time not only for my benefit but mostly because babies love it. They feel safe, comfortable, warm, they’re by their mother, they hear her heartbeat and feel her breathing – almost as if they still were inside. And I’d also take more pictures ;).


3. I’d bed share from the beginning

April slept with us on our bed for like three months but not from the beginning. I had this strange image in my head that babies should sleep in their bassinets right after birth. The bassinet by the bed of course but still. Now I think that if the baby was inside for 9 months so cozy out there and then she’s put in the bassinet which might be small but it’s still an open space, it’s a shock. I know that I’d really take care of that and I’d make sure that she wouldn’t loose this warmth she had for a long time before and I’d let her get used to a new life step by step instead of just jumping into it. When she slept with me she slept longer, better, she was calmer and happier.


4. I’d take naps

Like I said before people often told me at the beginning that I should sleep when April sleeps. For a long time I did it very rarely because I always preferred to focus on something else but now I know I’d listen to this advice. Really, I have no idea why I thought that I had to take care of the house while having a newborn that I was just learning how to take care of. I don’t know. What I know though is that if I could go back in time this is one of the things I’d change at first.


Is there anything you’d add to the list?



Talk to you next time,