#79 Breakfast with Aga – we were supposed to learn how to swim and it didn’t work out!

Last week

I was really excited because I took April for the swimming class and I was so happy that we finally decided to do it that… I cried on the way back because it turned out that the class starts not today but next Saturday. What’s interesting is that on their website and on my confirmation the info is wrong – in one place it says that the class is on Monday and almost right by it it says April 15 which is Saturday. So I called in the morning to ask and some man told me that it was today (Sat) because there’s no class for babies on Mondays. When I got inside and asked where to go it turned out that it’s next week. And let me tell you, before I’d just say oh too bad and go away but when you have a baby and you have to take all the stuff with you it becomes like a job almost so when you realize that you have to go back with nothing, you get kind of upset. But oh well, we’ll go next week!


I made a delicious raw pizza! I’m definitely proud of myself. I’ll show you photos now and the recipe, if you’re interested, another time.


And more about food, my lentils are sprouting! I want to try something new and if it works out I’ll let you know.


Me and Alicia went to Claire’s. There was a woman with her son on her lap, he was like 3 years old. They pierced his ears. The woman held this boy the way that didn’t allow him to move his arms or even head, he was able to move his legs only. He was literally stuck. One more woman, an aunt, made a video and both were amused the whole time. The boy tried to go away, he screamed, cried… It was terrible! A woman piercing his ears joked around and said things like “I know you like it and you’re just hiding a smile”. Seriously?! I didn’t make it this time and when I heard his mother saying “now you’re a handsome boy!” I decided to speak up. Hurting your own baby, lack of respect to his body, to his feelings, making him feel unsafe with his own mother and so on only because this same mother thought he’d look cool with earrings… I have no words.


I take April to the park every single day and she’s becoming more and more confident. Last time she approach a fountain much more than before. When she saw it the first time she didn’t want to at all and now she lets it wet her a little. And I really like the idea with the fountains. They have two of them, one that you’ll see in the photos is for kids 5 and under and the other one for bigger people. I suppose that when it gets really hot (although I’m not complaining now because it’s around 30 degrees Celsius every day) I’ll use them to cool down as well.

And look at the bow on her hair! It looks pretty cute, doesn’t it? It’s from Girlie Glue, a store that sells little bows, flowers, earrings and more that are totally not invasive – they stick to babies’ bodies with a glue made of 100% natural ingredients. To be honest I wish I knew about them when April was tiny because I’d definitely use their products as there’s no need to have hair at all. But it works even now, sticks to April’s hair no problem and washes away with just water. If I ever have a daughter again I’ll know where to go!

She said “oh!” when she fell, then she got up and walked away.



Song of the week

Ciara! I’ve never heard this song before but I like the video more than the song itself. And she has a beautiful dress!



To watch

Have you seen a video about what I eat in a day yet? If not, check it out! Remember to turn on English subtitles.



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