#77 Breakfast with Aga – it’s hot!

Last week

As you already know April loves being outside and we spend a lot of time outdoors with her. Especially now when the weather is so awesome. Unfortunately a few days ago she put her hand in an ant hill and ants bite her all over her hand. I was watering my flowers when April came to me crying a little and waving her hand and I didn’t see anything on it for a while, I washed her hands because they were dirty though. She stopped crying very fast and I noticed the bites after a few minutes! I don’t think they bother her at all, they’re coming off and she didn’t have any allergic reaction.

We have this cool park here with two play grounds that I told you about before. One of them is for older kids and the second one for little ones. I really like going there but I definitely prefer week days during the day because there’s so many people on the weekends and so many kids running around that I don’t feel comfortable letting April to walk around. Now it’s warm enough so they turned the fountains on and kids can run around in them. April was watching them for a while and then she decided to go somewhere else.


I decided not to fill my espanders anymore so the only thing I have left before my second surgery is picking what kind of implants I want and then scheduling the surgery! Everything has been going by so fast that I’m sure this will go the same way. The only thing I’m a little worried about is that I think I should find a new babysitter for April for when I’m not able to watch her.


Also, I bought a desk and I’m planning to create my own office in a guest room that is used as April’s changing room. I mean, office is too big of a word, it’ll be just a place where I’ll be able to sit down and do whatever I want instead of keeping my laptop on my knees and stopping every minute when April comes. I’ll show you how it looks when it’s done.



Song of the week

I set Pandora for the Alexander Rybak station and I sometimes listen to Lindsey Stirling out there. She, like Rybak, plays a violin and the difference is that she doesn’t sing. All the songs are instrumental. I really like them and I want to show you one of them!





Let me tell you, what’s happening now is way over my imagination! Suddenly from below 1000 subscribers on YouTube I hit over 7.000 (some of the videos have English subtitles). I had to get a new domain because I had “too many” unique visitors, Instagram started living its own life and my inbox is full of email. Amazing and thank you so much!


Nie moglam sie wczoraj na nia napatrzec 😍 🇺🇸 I couldn’t take my eyes off her yesterday 😍

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A year ago I told you about my labor and delivery according to my birth plan. Check it out if you’re interested!

Did my birth plan work at all? My labor and delivery according to my plan.




Talk to you next time!





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