What we ate at April’s birthday party – recipes!

Like I promised I’m adding recipes for food I made for April’s birthday party. Of course still raw vegan and before anyone asks why changes in our diet I’ll say now that we didn’t really change anything and we eat things like nuts occasionally – the same way we did before – and for the party I made some more things so that everyone would find something for themselves. I hope you’ll enjoy and maybe make something!


NOTE! I’m giving you specific amounts of ingredients but I’m not totally sure about them because I put most things the way I thought they were supposed to be, making sure that it’s thick enough and so on. I’ll add details later.


Fruit cake



3 cups of dates

handful of dried mulberries



Pink layer

2 cups strawberries

handful raspberries

3 dates



Blend everything until smooth.

Important: it has to be thick enough so that you even have to help it go out with a spatula because then layers won’t mix together. If it’s still to liquidy you can add more dates (but be careful because it might be too sweet), more cashew, bananas or even avocado.



Yellow layer

2 cups mango



Number of bananas depends on how many you need to make it thick, I used around 6.


Purple layer

1 cup blueberries

1-2 cups blackcurrants

2 dates (or more if you want it sweeter)

a few bananas (again – depends how many you need to make it thick)



Second pink layer

2 cups pink dragon fruit



When you have the layers ready put the cake pan in the freezer and keep it there long enough so that you can take it off of the cake and nothing will spill. And then decorate.



April’s cake



a few dates

a few walnuts


Blended until sticky.


Pink layer

pink dragon fruit


Blended until smooth. Should rest in the freezer for a while.




“Power balls”


Dark brown

around 3 cups of walnuts or any other kind you like

around 3 cups of dates

around 5-7 tablespoons of cocoa depending on the taste you want to achieve


Blend everything until it’s sticky enough to form balls.



Light brown

around 2 cups of coconut shreds

around 2 cups of peanut butter / raw almond butter or any kind you want

around 1 cup of raisins


You don’t have to use raisins if you don’t want to. Instead you can add some nuts. I don’t recommend dates because the butter will make it sticky enough. You can add a banana!




around 3 cups of coconut butter

around 5 tablespoons of coconut nectar

around 3 cups of coconut shreds

vanilla to taste (you can use cinnamon instead if you’d like)


Blend everything and form balls.


They’re ready to eat right when they’re made but you can keep them in a fridge for a few days too.




Dill dip


1 cup of sunflower seeds

around half a cup of spring water

1 medium zucchini

dill (amount depends on the taste you want)

some lemon or lime juice


Blend until smooth.






This is a recipe from The Raw Advantage.

2 tomatoes

1/2 cups of sundried tomatoes

1/2 cups of lemon juice

2 dates

some spices if you want


Blend until smooth! Before you blend you can strain tomatoes so that your ketchup won’t be that watery at the end.




Raw chips


These were bought because I didn’t have time to make them but it’s pretty easy to do. You just blend whatever you want and dry them :).

The main ingredient of the green ones is kale (they also have apples, carrot, etc.), light brown ones have mainly sweet potatoes and the purple ones are only beets with nothing else.




Raw chili


This is something I made based on several recipes I’ve seen on the Internet. I read them and then picked whatever I liked from each and removed what I didn’t want.



4 cups of sundried tomatoes

around 5-6 cups of tomatoes

1-2 tablespoons of chili powder

2 teaspoons of sweet paprika (or hot, depending what you like)

half a cup of spinach


Blend everything.



Mix the sauce with:

3 diced medium red peppers

2 diced medium zucchini

2 diced celery stalks


You can add whatever you want – some other spices, carrot, spinach, other peppers, onion, etc.




Avocado fries


I got the idea from The Raw Advantage but I made sauce by myself.



2-3 tomatoes

1 cup of sundried tomatoes




Blend and put on cut avocado. In this case avocado shouldn’t be too soft, it’s better if they’re a little harder. I used around 6 medium avocados for this much of the sauce. I dried them for around 6 hours in around 105 F (42 C).





Spring water with lemon and with mandarins, blueberries and mint. I made it the day before and left in the fridge for the night.





This one didn’t freeze either ;), so it turned out as a pudding but everyone was amazed. Really, everyone liked it a lot. The recipe comes from Fully Raw Kristina but I changed a few things.



around 1 kg dates

around 3 cups of dried mulberries

handful of some nuts (I picked walnuts)





a looooot of strawberries

2 cups of coconut water

meat from 3 young coconuts




Blend the filling ingredients besides strawberries. The amount of cashews depends on how much you’ll need to have a thick batter. If it’s still too thin add more. You can also used bananas instead of cashews, I didn’t use them because they’d change the flavor a little and I didn’t want to change it.

Put some strawberries on the crust, then pour the filling on it and then put more strawberries. Put in the freezer for long enough so that it won’t spill when you open the cake pan or eat the way we did :).



That’s all for now! I hope you’ll make something and if you do let me know!



Talk to you next time,





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