April’s birthday party – preparations, guests, menu

As you already know, I was getting ready for this day for a while but not too much. I wasn’t stressed for months… I mean, I wasn’t stressed at all. I had certain images in my head about how I’d like things to look and I need to say that everything turned out perfectly. I’m very happy and I wanted to tell you some more about it.


A lot of people asked me if I had any theme for the party and when I heard this question for the first time I got a little surprised. Later I realized that this is how it goes for most cases – themes. It’s usually princesses and a lot of pink balloons, crowns and so on which, as you know, isn’t for me. I didn’t have any specific theme but I decided to do it all in purple, white and gold. The only reason is that I just like these colors together. Decorations, plates and other were bought in Target, Dollar Store and Party City. I didn’t want too much because I knew it was just a one time thing.


I showed you invitations I made for the party before but I need to admit that now if I was to make them again I’d do it on paperlesspost.com because they have a great selection of beautiful birthday invitation for everyone! Definitely worth checking out.



If it comes to food we didn’t have any big dinner, we decided to have some snacks but it also depends who ate what because even a normal meal could be made of things I made. Our guests eat differently than we do so I decided to prepare different kinds of food so that everyone would find something for themselves. At the same time everyone knew how we eat so nobody expected meat or alcohol, everything was raw and vegan. For now I’ll show you some photos and recipes will be added in my next post :). And don’t worry, nobody complained about food.



Singing “Happy birthday” couldn’t be missed of course! As you already saw in one of the photos above I prepared a special place for April where we put her on to eat a cake. She liked it a lot and she spent there like 10 minutes which is surprising because she usually doesn’t really like sitting in this highchair too long. At first she was fascinated by a fire on her candle but I managed to hold it far enough so that she didn’t get burnt.



I didn’t really know what you do at birthday parties like this ;). We just hang out and had a good time. I asked guests to write something for April, later I’ll replace this photo to one of the pictures from the party, and later we took a group photo too.



April seemed to be pretty shocked by how many people we had in the house but she got used to it quickly and I think she had a good time as well. Of course she liked being outside the most.


Photo: Ania

Photo: Ania



And the dress that so many of you liked I bought on asos.com in their department for tall women :).


Everything went by so fast! Not only the party but also the whole year of her life! I’m very satisfied with how things went and I’m still a little excited even though it’s already gone.


I want to show you a video that I made! I edited it by myself and even then I cried when I watched the whole thing with Alicia and Nathan. In the original version of the video we also added messages from all of us but I didn’t want to publish it because it’s all personal. The video is in English but there’s no talking at all anyway so go ahead and check it out :).




Talk to you next time!



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