#76 Breakfast with Aga – going to the lake!

Last week

As all of you already know April had her first birthday! I’ll talk more about the party, preparations and our menu another time and for now I’ll only say that I’m VERY happy with the way things went, it was awesome in my opinion.



Other than that I had a lot of things to do last week, I was busy all the time but when I think about it now I don’t really know what I did. I had another appointment with my plastic surgeon and now this Wednesday I’m going to have the last fill of my expanders and then we’ll talk about implants and so on and we’ll schedule the second surgery. I’ll have it some time on May after my trip to New York. I can’t wait because I’d like to have it all behind me.


The weather is getting much better now! It’s getting very warm and today my legs were way too hot in jeans, I wished I wore shorts. So we try to start using warmth and the sun and recently we went to the lake I told you about not that long ago. The one that’s so close to our place but we didn’t know about it. It was cool!



I got a tiny heart attack when I thought I broke my blender! I cried and you might think it’s silly. Not only because it’s a pretty expensive blender and it’s supposed to be the best of the best but also because I had other things to make so if it really broke I don’t know how I’d do things. Fortunately turned out that I just thought it could do more than it can so it got too hot and it turned off. I was really happy when it started working again, you can’t even imagine ;).


And some more photos…

Our friend brought a dinner for us – a raw lasagna :).

And this is what I made! A raw pizza!

Do you know that these bananas aren’t ripe yet?

These are ripe.



Song of the week

This is one of Nathan’s favorite songs that he showed me a long time ago and I just remembered about it recently. It’s sad but very nice. And with a message and, let’s face it, it’s hard to find smart and popular songs these days. Most lyrics don’t make any sense and even though I too like those silly songs it’s awesome to find something like this one below sometimes.


To watch

I’m adding a video that I got from one of my readers. There’s not much to say… Just that all these women are incredibly strong!




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Two years ago I added a post about active listening that I reminded you about several times already but they’re still valid so I’m adding it again :).

Active listening – part 2



And what’s up with you?


Talk to you next time,



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