Post-op scars, support groups and me not feeling too well… just life ;)

Today I wanted to add a post with Nathan’s answers for questions about beginnings of our relationship but he started writing so much that after half an hour he was still on the question number 2 (and there are 10!) so my plan didn’t work out. I thought that I’ll just talk to you about random stuff.


When I saw my plastic surgeon last time he told me that I could go back to everything I was doing before the surgery with one exception – I can’t do any work outs for my chest muscles which means I shouldn’t lift more than 10 lbs (5 kg). I mean, picking up and carrying April is fine but I can’t lift her the way I’d lift weights. It’s because we’re still stretching muscles under expanders so there’s a risk of tearing them which I obviously want to avoid. I thought I’d show you how my scars look now since I’ve been talking about all that so much already so why not show this photo.

Pretty nice, huh? Honestly, I was surprised and even amazed by how the scars look because the surgery was more serious than my colon surgery and scars are smaller and look better. When I said it to my doctor and added that I’m impressed by his work he said: “they’ll look even better!” These two small dots on the right are my scars after drains, I have the same ones on the other side too.


Recently I went to a few support groups but I haven’t found any that I’d like to stay in yet. But what I wanted to talk about more is that the hospital I go to has a place called Cancer Wellness Center where they have a lot of different classes like knitting, yoga, meditation, cooking, playing drums and more, they also have support groups and individual support sessions. It’s great that each patient can go there and that they also have programs for patients’ families and everything is for free! Most people having cancer need some kind of a support or even just going to people who will understand because they go through something similar. So it’s really awesome that they can get what they need.



In general I don’t feel too well, I have no energy today so I’m being boring but this happens in life too, right? And you know already that I don’t like pretending. By the way, a lot of people told me that it’d be great to add a category “food” to my menu and I’m thinking about it now because it’s not a bad idea since I talk about it a lot. We’ll see. Generally I have some cool ideas and I hope they’ll work out. I hope you’re all good!



Talk to you next time!