25 facts from my life for my 25th birthday

Since my 25th birthday is today, March 11, I thought I’d add a post with 25 facts from my life to make things more interesting here and let you get to know me a little bit more. I hope there’s something in this post that you still don’t know :).


1. I was born on March 11, 1992 in Warsaw (Poland) where I spent majority of my life.

2. I’m a Pisces and when I was a kid I liked reading horoscopes and stuff like that. However, now I don’t believe in any of that.

3. When I was around 7 years old me and my friends were riding bikes and when one of them fell down I rode on her legs instead of bypass her. I remember that I didn’t want to hurt her but I don’t remember why I did it this way.

4. Since I remember I had problems with speaking in front of a group of people. When I had to do it my hands were shaking like crazy, I would sweat and stutter… Something terrible. It went away but not by itself, I started performing in front of cameras and it helped a lot.

July 2014

5. I miss my sister very, very much. I don’t know when I’ll accept what happened.

6. People’s ignorance of rules on the road annoys me. I notice this mainly in two situations because there’s no way to ignore it. On traffic circles because here there’s just a few of them and people don’t know what they don’t have to stop before they enter. So they do stop and wait for I don’t know what so I usually use this time and go. Second situation is yellow flashing light. They mean that you have to slow down a little and proceed with caution, even rules say “do not stop”. And some stop anyway and cause confusion.

7. I really enjoy decorating our house. I don’t really have a big talent for it and what I do wouldn’t fit those awesome photos on Instagram that you see everywhere now (it’s not an irony) but it’s mine and I’m happy with most. When I’m not I change it.

8. When I was a kid me, my sister and our friend lied to the other friend spilling tomato juice on the ground and telling her that someone was killed there the night before. We made it to scare her which we wanted to accomplish then. Man, we were cruel.


September 2012

9. I’d love to write and publish a book that people would enjoy reading and that could help someone. Some of you know already that a while ago I started writing something but then so many things started happening that I got stuck and I haven’t had a chance to go back to it yet.

10. When I put a toilet paper roll on a handle it has to be the way that will allow me grab it from outside, if the beginning of it is on the other side I need to flip it. I hope it makes sense.

11. When I was around 11 years old I won a school spring beauty contest. I still have my diploma.


12. I’ve been watching one of the Polish tv series for years now. My sister watched it from the first episode and I got it from her.


June 2013

13. When I was around 4-5 years old my family was forcing me to eat liver. I still remember me sitting by the table with tears in my eyes because it was the most disgusting and the worst smelling thing I had in my life.

14. Me, my sister Dorota and our cousin did parties in our room. We turned off the light, turned on music and went crazy. Good times!


15. I’d really want to learn some photography. I think that I can’t take good pictures and when I try something new I’m usually disappointed. The biggest problem for me is a composition. I can’t put things the way I want, even when I have an image in my head how I want them exactly.

16. I think that I’m a beautiful woman and I’m not ashamed to say it. Of course I have some down moments but they happen much less frequently than before. It’s cool to be self confident!


April 2013

17. A person who I thought was my good friend didn’t show up at my sister’s funeral and when I watched them putting Dorota under the ground, that “friend” was having a good time with her friends. I was never so disappointed in anyone before.

18. I get a lot of satisfaction from writing this blog! Not only have I a lot of support in hard moments but also because I can help you with different things and this is awesome.


19. I had a lot of blogs when I was younger. About Beyonce, US5 or Sarah Connor, with cats’ pictures and about my imaginary life. None of them survived and I put my roots down here.

20. I always had one room with my sister so there were conflicts, especially when one of us wanted to sleep and the other one didn’t. So we had this little saying used to make sure that we’re both on the same page. It was literally this: “I’m sleeping now so don’t talk to me”.


November 2012

21. It really bothers me when someone from my family takes a plate or something and then leaves it on a counter or in the sink, or even in other places. I always says that cleaning that will take several seconds and will save me work in the evening when the sink is full. Unfortunately I have to repeat it more often than I’d like.

22. I usually don’t wash fruits before I eat them if they’re organic. It also doesn’t bother me when April drops something on the floor and she picks it up and eats it.

23. When we were kids me and Dorota drew pictures that we’d put on a wall and sell to our family members, neighbors or guests.

24. A different way to make some money was giving massages, painting nails and doing hair styles to other people at the same summer camp. It was me, my sister and some friends that I can’t remember anymore. What I remember is that once our teachers told us to give all the money back (it was just a little bit) and they told us not to do it anymore not explaining why. I still don’t know what they meant.

25. I can’t remember names and I sometimes feel bad when I talk to someone for several hours or see someone a lot of times and I still wonder “what was this person’s name?!”


September 2016


How about you, do you have anything like this to share?


Talk to you next time!