Our new home: a search for a dream place

It wasn’t easy. If you have some requirements and you don’t want to take a first house that’s available you need to spend some time looking for it. The worst thing was that the best time to buy a house passed so we didn’t really have that many options left. At the beginning we thought that we’d do it by ourselves but the more things had to be done the more we were convinced that it wasn’t a good idea because we simply didn’t have time for this. We used a realtor. However, now we both know that if we were to pick one again we’d look for someone else because we weren’t that happy with the work he did.


What did we look for

We wanted a smaller house because the one we’re in now is humongous and we don’t even use the whole thing, the surface is literally wasted. So we wanted to have something that will be enough for now and later when the girls are bigger and also to have something in store but not too much. And that we wouldn’t have to spend the whole weekend on cleaning! We looked for a house that would have at least 230 m2 (2500 sq ft).

We really wanted to have an open floor plan. It’s really cool to go inside the house and see the other end, I like this sense of space but I didn’t want ceilings to be too high because then there’s too much of this space and the only thing I see is extremely tall and empty walls.

A very important thing was a big and level backyard so Alicia and April can play somewhere and we want to plant some fruits! Houses we forgot about first were the one with a very small or even no backyard. Doesn’t matter how nice the house is, if it has a terrible yard it doesn’t have any chances.

We wanted to have a smaller kitchen because we don’t use it as much as before. We prefer to have more space in other areas of the house instead of having a kitchen that takes half of the floor.

A location was an important aspect as well. Nathan said that he doesn’t want to drive to work more than 25 minutes one way (it’s 15 minutes now), we didn’t want to be in the middle of nowhere but in the middle of the city either. We looked for a house in a quiet and calm area but with an easy access to stores, etc.

Another essential thing was that there’s space between houses, we really don’t like it when houses are built very close to each other. We want to have some privacy.


Where did we look

Sometimes while driving I’d see a sign saying “home for sale” so I’d turn and take a look but this way I couldn’t really see anything interesting because you just never know what’s out there. The main page we used was zillow.com and we found our house there. If you type Peachtree City GA you can take a look at what’s here more or less. However we’re not moving to Peachtree City because we didn’t want a huge house for a million dollars ;).


What we rejected

In general we saw around 18 houses if I remember well and we passed on most of them because of the houses being close to each other (like the one in the picture in this post), a no-backyard or a location.

One of the houses had a terrible smell and even though everything else was totally fine, this smell was something I couldn’t stand and I told Nathan there’s no way I’ll even want to buy that house. The other one was a NO because of… decoration. I know it might sound weird but it’s much better to look at a property that’s empty of at least half empty because then you can imagine how you want things to be, what you want to do and so on. But if there’s a lot of stuff everywhere it’s hard to imagine anything. So we really didn’t want to get a house that had very old furniture and… thousands of fake chickens and eggs everywhere! I felt very weird there.

It was hard to say bye that we liked a lot because it was very open, not too big and not too small, had very nice bedrooms, smaller kitchen, a huge backyard, it was quiet and calm. Unfortunately the location was pretty bad because even though it was Senoia there were only three houses but that one with no kids, no place to walk and the closest grocery store was 15 minutes away. We didn’t like it at all. This house has been on a market for around 200 days and I think that the location is a main problem there.

We didn’t want a house that was fine in general if it comes to a location, backyard, frontyard, the house was renovated and so on but it was so extremely old and had this weird decor that I felt as if I was on a horror movie set. Weird, huh?

You know what’s the worst thing? The fact that houses usually look better in photos than in a real life unless someone takes pictures with their phone (and they really do that) because then nothing helps. But they sometimes do too much because some pictures had literally tons of photoshop. So we were disappointed several times while going in because of, for example, very low ceilings (really, once I had an impression that I’d hit it with my head) or very small rooms which looked nice in the pictures or floors were squeaking like crazy…

At one point we had enough and we even started thinking about building a house for us. Fortunately, we eventually found something we liked but I’ll talk about it in the next post! I’ll also write more about the houses and the whole procedure.



Talk to you next time,




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