Walker Stalker Con 2016

A year ago was the first time when I went to a convention for The Walking Dead fans. There were also actors from other shows like, for example, The Vampire Diaries and I wrote about it here. Since I had a very good time I decided to go there this year too. I also knew that I didn’t want to spend as much money as last time and I prefered to see people I didn’t see them instead of meeting the same ones. That’s why I don’t have another picture with Norman but I have a different one! I wasn’t there by myself this time either, Monika kept me company and even though we were separate most of the time because of waiting for different people, it was cool to wait in this first long line being able to talk to someone.

Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta is the biggest one of all they have with the highest number of people. It lasts three days and the most popular one is Sunday. A two day pass cost $100 and I bought it during a sale when the second one was for free so we paid $50 each. These were general admission tickets which means just being inside, nothing else. Better ones were VIP ($220) which allow to go inside earlier and people with these tickets wait in much shorter lines. Then there are Gold tickets ($700) and they offer earlier entrance, two chosen autographs, two photos and some more. And then the most expensive one is Platinum ($1,400) which gives you an early entrance, food, four autographs, four photos, no lines, some merchandise and more. I already know that if I go there next year (and I think I will) I’ll buy a VIP pass because I had enough of waiting this time. Kids 10 and under go for free and older ones pay the same amount of money as adults. Alicia was supposed to join me on Sunday but her mother didn’t bring her.



This is a line downstairs and it was veeeeeery long. We were waiting upstairs to go to Jeffrey Dean Mornag’s panel.




I didn’t go there on Friday at all. On Saturday we started with the panel with Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan in TWD). A lot of you know him from Grey’s Anatomy where he played Danny. You remember? In The Walking Dead he’s someone totally different and he said this role is his dreams come true. He said that he really likes being Negan and that he thinks it might be too much of liking it sometimes. He also said that he was very excited that he could be on the set and when he got there he was like “oh, look, this is Rick and there’s Daryl!!”










I really wanted to take a photo with Michael Cudlitz (Abraham in TWD). I went to his line on Saturday and this is how I spent the rest of the day. I waited 4 hours. Everything was taking a lot of time because Michael is a person who likes having some contact with people so he always talks with them a little bit. This is awesome! But, you know, takes longer. And he also had photo ops which means he had to go somewhere else where a proffesional photographer would take photos. This was $65 in his case, I personally think it’s better to take a selfie because then you can chat for a little bit as well which doesn’t happen during photo ops. A selfie was $40. And when I was waiting on the first day and I was so close already they said he had to go to a second photo op and he’d be back in two hours. I didn’t want to wait anymore, I was very tired, my back hurt and I got upset that it went this way because if I knew earlier I’d go do something else instead of wasting my time in this line. So I went back home. Micheal was collecting Bisquick for a food bank in Atlanta what you can see in photos below.





On Sunday I wanted to go to Andrew Lincoln panel, he’s Rick in TWD. However, I was wondering if I really wanted to do that and  I decided not to. Instead I went to a line to go inside to the main hall and when they opened the doors I went straight to the line for Michael where I got as one of the first ones. I waited there from 11 and around 11:40 they said that he had to go to photo ops again and he’d be back 1:45. I was like seriously?! but the good thing was that they gave us little tickets with numbers on them so we could go somewhere and then come back and stand in the same exact place in line as before. I bought a top for me and a onsie for April!



You remember this? Carol saying this to that “cookie boy” whose name I can’t remember. When I read it I hear her voice lol














A girl from the first episode from the first season of The Walking Dead. One woman was dressed up as this girl and I wanted to take a pic but he went somewhere and I couldn’t find her anymore.



He changed so much during this whole time!!









Shirts are totally common but I was a little surprised when I saw that you could buy hair bows, ear rings or skirts… everything with characters from TWD!










Ana after I got back I went to the same line and I finally took a picture after only 10 minutes of waiting! I was very satisfied even though I had to wait so much time :). Michael is a very friendly guy who really cares about his fans and he always stays to the end even if they’re closing the convention.



And my shirt I had on the day two, I bought it last year :).


So I do recommend going there to everyone who’s thinking about going! I warn you, though, you need to be prepared for long waiting if you want to see actors who are more popular. Lines to people like Norman (Daryl in TWD), Morgan (Negan), Steven (Glenn) or Michael and a few more are endless! I personally think that the whole even in Atlanta is too big, there’s too many people. In other places it’s different but in Atlanta the problem is that you take a picture with one person and then you don’t have time for others! It shouldn’t be like this but you know… each sold ticket means more money. But even then I still think it was great and I’ll probably go there next year too. The only difference will be that I’ll buy a VIP pass.


Talk to you next time!




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