#58 Breakfast with Aga – my 7-month-old takes first steps!

In the last week

Under my last post I got these comments: “Eat something because you look like a stick and you’ll break apart” and “Give her a hamburger, she’s clearly anorexic“. What’s important, both are from the same person who tried to be anonymous but it didn’t work. To be honest, I laughed when I read it. There’s nothing like a not that successful attempt to offend someone who’s laughing instead of being mad. Congrats and I’m sorry you have such a boring life. It’s sad.

Anyways! I didn’t add April’s 7 month picture. How could I! I’m doing this now, look at this cutie…

My little 7 month old 💜 . . #7monthsold #instababy #thecutest #babygirl #gettingbig #proudmama #instamatki

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There’s no way to stop her now! She’s crawling so fast that you just hear sound of her hands and knees. And she crawls in this funny way that she pushes herself with her left knee but she takes her right leg up and she pushes herself with her right foot which looks very funny sometimes especially when she goes very fast. She started climbing up the stairs and so far she managed to go half way and she got bored. This is a hard work to climb like this! When she grabs a couch or anything else (like our legs) and she gets up, she often hold herself with one arm only, it happens that she stands without any support too. It’s awesome that when she feels she’s about to fall she doesn’t fall on her butt but she moves her arms and grabs something she has in front of her. Or someone, most often me. She’s great at that! She can move around while being on her feet and she started taking first steps which I keep trying to record but so far it worked only once. Moreover, there were two nights when she slept 7 hours straight without waking up at all and the first time when around 7am me and Nathan woke up he said he’d go and check on her because it was weird. She was obviously sleeping. It gave me hope that maybe now things will improve at nights and I think that they’re changing now for real. She eats much less when she wakes up and she’s awake not three but two or even once at night. But instead she gets up not at 9 but around 7:30am. I’m waiting impatiently for her to sleep like this for good… or at least for a while before it changes again.


By the way, Alicia loves her! She sometimes asks: “can I babysit her now?” She changes her diapers and so on even though before April was born she said she’d NEVER change diapers. And now she sometimes know by herself when to do it, we don’t really have to tell her.


It’s every single day that I think I’ll go to sleep earlier because I’m very tired. It obviously never works and even now when I’m writing it it’s 10.53pm and I just grabbed some food. After April going to sleep for the night I finally have some time for myself and do a few things in a row instead of stopping every minute. I have several articles I kept to read, some studies that I don’t even remember anymore, movies to watch, not mentioning e-mails to respond and so on. I think I’ll ask my boss for a day off. Oh no… Sorry, my boss is April lol


Jagoda lives kinda close but far at the same time. On one hand 50 minutes of a drive isn’t too bad but she works and I’m busy too and it turns out that it’s not easy to meet up. However, over a week ago we made it and we spent some time at Centennial Olympic Park which was the first place in Atlanta I visited after arriving to the States.




To watch

This time I’m giving you a very interesting video that I got from one of my readers. I’ve been all for natural methods to cure all kinds of things for a long time now, including cancers. This video is a great example of what I mean by that. Unfortunately, it’s in Polish so not all of you will be able to understand. I’ll add something in English later as well.

We make a huge mistake here at the very beginning. Doctors and patients, in my opinion, thinking that if we destroy a tumor we’ll get rid of a illness. So we destroy the tumors in several ways and what? Next we get more and more or the patient dies. And the tumor is destroyed. There’s a lot of cases like this and that’s why we keep losing the war with cancers because we keep racing with symptoms. Tumor is a symptom, it says: there’s something wrong. And we want to destroy the symptom but we don’t do anything to destroy the cause.


On the Internet

I’ve seen a lot of cool graphics recently but I don’t want to show you all of them because I’ll raise something again and I’m not ready for this yet ;). I’ll show you these three…






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I’m planning to write more often than twice a week because I have a lot of things to talk about so feel free to check my blog often than that! Monday posts will stay the same but the rest will just happen when they happen so don’t be too attached to Thursdays anymore.

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A year ago I told you what I thought about dividing boys and girls, about using different colors for them and how everything influences children. By the way, I can’t believe it’s been a year since I wrote this!

How is it with those princesses and ballerinas? Part 1


How is it with those princesses and ballerinas? Part 2


I wrote a post talking about my two years in the USA… You know what, I won’t write any more posts like this (as you can see) because you’re with me all the time and I’m not leaving anywhere so I’m not going to celebrate :).

Two years in the States!



Talk to you next time!




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