“I have good news for you!”

Since there has been a lot of emotions in the comments recently (on the Polish version) now I’m giving you a break and I decided to write something light and not too controversial ;).


First and the most important, on Friday I called my oncologist to ask if they have my biopsy results yet. I have an appointment on Wednesday (so when you’re reading this I probably already had it but I’m writing this on Monday… and publishing on Wednesday) but the waiting was very stressful for me and I wanted to know earlier regardless of the outcome. A woman at the reception desk told me that she left a message to the doctor’s nurse and she’d call me back. She never did. So on Saturday morning I sent an email straight to my doctor asking about my results and adding that I called the day before and nobody called me back. I got an automatic response that he’s out of office until Tuesday morning so I was like oh great… But! A few hours later my phone rang, I looked at it and it was him. I answered it and my hands started shaking because I was so stressed, I had dark thoughts and I was very afraid that I’d cry in a moment and I’d have the whole day ruined… the whole future. He said hi, explained that he’s out but he went to his email and he saw my message so he called and then he added: “I have good news!” so I was like “you dooo?” and he said that my biopsy results of my removed colon and lymph nodes are all good, there’s not even one cancer cell :)))). I felt such a relief that you have no idea! I called Nathan right then and shared this excellent information. Also, the doctor apologized me that I waited so long and he said he’d talk to his nurse because it’s unacceptable that she didn’t call me back. Oh boy, I’m so happy! I don’t regret I underwent the surgery because now I can be relaxed knowing that everything’s fine inside but I regret that I lost part of one of my own organs that is there for a reason. And one more thing, before the surgery and on the surgery day I wasn’t allowed to eat anything and then I had IVs and stayed in bed I lost some weight which I didn’t like at all. And you know what, I’m gaining these lost kilograms! Yes, I’m gaining them on my cleansing and starving me diet ;).




When I was writing about Halloween it was before this day so I didn’t add any photos of our costumes. I’m doing it now! Too bad Alicia wasn’t with us because we’d all look the same. From what I know Alicia was a vampire this year. Me and April were withes, take a look!







When I was telling you about my last visit in Poland I also told you about me seeing Ula Nosek one more time and taking some more photos. I told you about her before and showed you some pictures she took of me and April but this time I could pose by myself. Ula takes awesome photographs even of someone who doesn’t know how to pose and remember that there’s a long way between me and any kind of a model ;). I need to admit that I’m happy with the photos and the ones of me in a black dress are my favorite. I spent an awesome time with Ula but I didn’t expect that I’d like the results so much. At the same time I’m a little anxious to see your reactions.















ย .

I think that’s all for now. I’m happy that I managed to translate it right after I wrote it in Polish!


Talk to you next time,