#56 Breakfast with Aga – keep your fingers crossed for a positive outcome of my surgery!

In the last week

I got a call from my surgeon oncologist that he can schedule me for removing a part of my colon on Tuesday (Oct 18). I said okay, I can do it that time so he wrote me down, said something else, we hang up and I cried. Nathan was there with me (while waiting for an appointment with someone else) and he asked if I feel comfortable enough with this decision. And no, I don’t but I think this is the safest thing to do. Because if they could check everything exactly I wouldn’t agree to have a surgery but they’re not able to say if I have more cancer cells there where my polyp was or not. They can’t check if the cancer didn’t go somewhere deeper. That’s why I decided to agree. He told me that I have to go to the hospital on Tuesday morning and they’ll let me go on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning the latest if everything’s fine. He’ll also remove some lymph nodes to do a biopsy and then we’ll see. I’m asking for fingers crossed but they won’t do anything because nothing will change until Tuesday anyway. But if any of you is in Atlanta you’re more than welcome to visit me at Emory ;).

I received photos from our photoshoot! Like I said before, Nathan didn’t feel well and couldn’t come but he’ll have his time to do it too. Take a look!








Her face is killing me :D. She was laughing, wasn’t scared!



Song of the week

Me, Alicia and Nathan all like it :).

To watch

“Lila & Eve” – I watched this movie on a plane on the way back from Poland and it got my interest. It’s about two desperate mothers who had their kids killed and so they decided to bring justice by themselves. They did one thing in this movie that surprised me a lot, I seriously didn’t expect it to happen but I don’t want to tell you, I don’t like spoilers. I recommend watching it!


I already wrote a post for Thursday but since I’ll be in the hospital for a few days and I also have two appointments tomorrow I don’t think I’ll have enough time to translate it. I will do it later.

A year ago I wrote a very honest post after we found out we’ll have a daughter. I remember everything very clearly, as if it was yesterday. I remember laying there on that chair and that woman typing a word “girl”, I also remember my reaction… A lot of emotions!

Boy or girl?!


Also, it was the first time when I added photos of my pregnant belly! Although, like I said then, I looked more like I ate a big dinner than being pregnant.

#9 Breakfast with Aga – a trip to Atlanta. | 17 weeks pregnant and pics of my bump 😉


Two years ago me and Nathan wrote a post that a lot of people asked me for. It’s about kids who don’t want to eat. A lot of people still have problem with it so go ahead and check it out!

When children don’t want to eat… // Gdy dzieci nie chca jesc…


On the Internet

Take a look at this awesome Halloween costume! I really like it and I imagined all of us in something like this :D.

And this is a movie I’ll want to watch…

Talk to you next time!