#55 Breakfast with Aga – we have April’s genetic tests results! Photos from Poland.

During last week

I went to Nathan’s office to visit and we talked with one of his friends when I got a call. I took my phone from my pocket, looked at it and saw that it was our genetic consultant! I answered immediately and you can’t imagine how stressed I was. She started saying: “I have good news for you” so I was like “you do?” and she said: “I just got April’s results and they’re negative, she’s not a carrier of the syndrome”. You have no idea how happy I was! I had tears in my eyes and Nathan went to others share this news. I felt as if I won the lottery, really. I can’t even explain! While waiting for the results I was looking at April when she was so happy and smiling, full of life, and I thought… man, what if she has the same thing? What if soon her smile will change into a face full of suffering in hospitals? Let me tell you, these thoughts alone made me be very sad and scared. Fortunately everything went the right way! And by the way, I had a breast MRI and it’s all clear. I had a CT scan of my chest but I don’t have results yet. I was supposed to have a brain MRI as well but it was cancelled and I don’t really know why.

I took Alicia and April to the park in Senoia where we never went to before to take some photos. I think we’ll have some really good pictures and I’ll show them to you for sure. Nate was supposed to be there too but on Friday evening he started feeling pretty bad so he stayed home. I really liked the park and I think I’ll go back there soon.








April is developing so fast that I can’t catch up! She’s getting two top teeth and it was so amazing that one day in the morning the only thing I could see was her swollen gum and the same day in the evening the tooth was sticking out. What’s less amazing is that it hurts her and she’s very, very fussy. Also, she just started crawling and she already gets up. Not by herself yet but she grabs furniture or my legs and gets up. And stands like this. If I sit her down she twists and gets up again. I’m wondering when she’ll start walking but I don’t want it to happen yet. And, to be totally honest with you, both me and Nathan are literally exhausted because last 3-4 days were very hard. April climbs on me all the time crying, hugs me, wants me to pick her up, cries more. Her toys aren’t interesting to her anymore and she doesn’t touch the ones she loved at all. She screams when I sit down with her but she gets totally quiet when I get up. But how much can I walk holding her, right? Also, earlier she’d wake up at night, eat and fall back asleep. And now when she wakes up she doesn’t even cry but she screams as if she didn’t have any milk for a week! We feed her and then she wiggles, sits up, gets up… Cries, then she gets calm in my arms but when I put her down, she cries again. Terrible. I hope it’ll go away soon.


Let me tell you, it was much easier to go to Poland this time because I was alone. I could get comfortable and watch what Nathan put on my tablet. And he downloaded some episodes of Mr. Robot that I still had to watch and Game of Thrones. I watched all that, read my book, slept and this is how all of my flights went by.

This time nobody asked me why I had two different names in my documents. It seemed to me like they really didn’t care at all which is weird on one hand but on the other one makes everything easier. I went exactly the same way as before so it was Delta from Atlanta to Amsterdam (7h 20mins only) and the rest was operated by KLM. I bought the tickets on an app called Hopper and I paid around $740 for a round trip.

During my last time in Poland it was pretty cold but not it was ok! The cooler day was the day of The Baseballs concert when we waited half of the day outside, obviously. The concert itself was great! I took Domcia who didn’t even listen to them before and she loved it.

Someone asked me in the comments what my diet was like in Poland. It was hard, I’m not gonna lie. In general I believe all of you who told me that it’d be hard to be a fruitarian in Poland during colder seasons. I was on a few melons and bananas which I ate not ripe enough and my stomach hurt once. So I went to Subway several times where I’d get a wrap with lettuce, avocado, tomatoes and falafel. I’ll show you a pic of the same kind of melon in Poland (on the left) and here. A big difference in size, isn’t it?


I need to admit that I was very sad that nobody came to the airport to pick me up. Of course, I understand that some have jobs, others have school and so on but on the other hand so many people complain that I’m there so rarely. And when I come and they know when, they’re not there. So for everyone who complains – stop complaining.





Enough photos!


Magda and Ania 🙂


Being in the first row – like good old times!



The only place where I can say my name and they’ll know how to spell it! Once, at the airport in Amsterdam, I spelled “Aga” and a guy working there wrote “Alga”… I have no idea how he heard it ;). But okay, he was very friendly so I forgave him. By the way, any advice on how to stop drinking coffee? 





I really like these screen shots with Domcia! <3


When someone tells you that he takes a photo but he records a video :D…










Me on the left, my sister Dorota on the right, our cousin in the middle. The photo on top from now and the one below from 7 years ago! Have we changed?!










Basti, Sam i Digger from The Baseballs. Ania was taking this photo so much time that I finally made a stupid face and this picture from front looks so bad that I’ll never post it ;D.



I met Ula one more time! This time two photoshoots and by myself. I’ll show you what we did when I get pictures. I’m very curious how everything went because I felt very comfortable.


Photos taken when you don’t look are the best! This is right before my departure. Girls came to say bye and this photo was taken by Janek, my sister’s boyfriend. 


Tulips, tulips everywhere… The Netherlands! 








This is how April said hi when I got back! Nate put this balloon saying “I love you” on her onesie. I smiled sooooo much when I saw them! Home sweet home, definitely.


Talk to you next time,