#52 Breakfast with Aga – we’re moving!

Last week

We made a final decision that we’re selling the house and looking for a new one! We’re not moving anywhere far though, we want to stay in the same are. The cool part about it is that this time I’ll have something to say if it comes to decoration and other stuff like that because now a house we’ll be chosen by both of us and possible new furniture will be chosen by both of us too, not by Nathan and his ex-wife ;). I like it. That’s why now we’re pretty busy cleaning, deciding what to keep/sell/throw away so that everything will look perfect as if nobody lives here because we’re going to sell this house. Today I posted on Facebook that I wanted to sell a couch, a bed and a mattress and it’s already sold! And I think I might write a post about this whole adventure, what everything looks like here, what we’re looking at and so on. I think this would be a good article to a “life in the USA” category.

Believe it or not but I broke one of my toes! I was pole dancing and while coming back from being upside down I accidentally didn’t hook my feet on the pole but I fell on the floor (good thing I was holding myself with my hands) and I hit my foot on the floor so much that it’s a miracle that I didn’t break all of my toes. We went to the hospital the next day when it didn’t want to stop hurting because I really didn’t think it was broken before. And since I had an appointment with someone else I stopped by the ER after that and I found our what I did. I got an orthopedic shoe so that my foot is supported well and that’s all. A doctor told me that it’ll be healing or around 4 weeks but I just need to listen to my body in order to decide when I’ll go back to my class, it depends on the way it feels and what another doctor will say when I go to check it. Man, I have some bad luck, huh?

I got my nose pierced and hair trimmed. Small changes but tuned me positively! I already had a nose piercing a few years ago and I think it was the same exact place but I took it out and it grew back. You probably remember that I had my lip pierced to, right? I don’t miss this one though.


Son of the week

I don’t have anything this time so maybe you can recommend me something?

To watch

I’ll show you a video from one of The Baseballs concerts when we did a first surprise which – saying immodestly – was my genius idea. Me, Ania, Marta, Magda and several other friends were having fun in the first row  and this video was recorded using my horrible and old camera from the back. And the second video is recorded by Magda and it’s from a different concert but don’t turn it on too loud because then the sound isn’t that good. Without any surprise but you can see me instead ;D.




I’m still working on fixing tags here! There’s more than I expected and I’m not able to sit down with my laptop for a longer time so everything’s taking longer than I wanted.


On the Internet

This video below made me laugh. Ahh, if all the roommates were acting like cats… Take look!

Second video shows a little girl who’s telling her mom why she’s not going to eat animals ever again and she’s explaining why she has an opinion like this. I have no idea what happened before that and what made her think this way but it catches a heart. Not only what she’s saying but also her whole attitude. The way she’s standing, the fact that she’s crying. Check it out!

Talk to you next time!