#51 Breakfast with Aga – school year in Georgia and a video that opened my eyes…

During last week

One of my friends just stopped talking to me. And I don’t really know why, to be honest. I really don’t like something like this because I don’t know what to do so I decide to let it go and I say that I’m here but I won’t bother. I don’t know if this is the best way because on the other hand I could say how I feel and so on but at the same time I don’t really want to share this if the situation looks like this because I don’t trust that I’ll be understood. This is a little complicated…

I added a video on Instagram with April who was laughing! I really wanted to catch this but every time I would take my phone to record her she started to stare at it and nothing worked. So I decided to try record the way that she wouldn’t see and it worked then. Check it out!

I remembered I didn’t tell you that a school year here started on August 5 (it ends in the middle of May usually) and Alicia stayed at home this year. She went to the first grade for the whole year but from the very beginning we knew she wouldn’t go to the second one. I’ll tell you some more about it in one of the next posts.

One day I was soooo tired that I didn’t know what was happening with me, it was so weird. As if my mind was somewhere else and my body was somewhere else. And even two people in Target told me that I looked tired. You know, it’s for people who think that Americans are artificially nice – not all of them. There are people who are brutally honest ;).

I sold most of my clothes, I’m giving some to my sister. I decided to change what I wear because I don’t see any sense in having million things if each one of them is completely different and nothing looks good together. Since a long time really I’ve been wearing tops and shorts because I don’t like anything else and it seems to me like I don’t look good in anything anymore. I think I’ll take the opportunity that tomorrow is Labor Day and I’ll go shopping because there are sales everywhere. And I like sales. Keep your fingers crossed so that I’ll find something!

To watch

Beyonce’s performance from this year’s VMA! She nailed it :))). I can’t find a full performance in a good quality so for now I’m posting this. By the way, I wanted to go to her concert on September 26 but… my flight to Poland is the same day.


On the Internet

I took a screen shot from one of the posts on Facebook, take a look:

do postu w nast pon

It’s a great thing! I’d argue with putting kids to bed early because it all depends on how people do it but in general I like this way of seeing things. I did a little research and I found out that a lot of schools in the States started doing this. I hope it’ll go further!

Someone from my friends on Facebook shared a video I’m sharing below and, to be honest, it scared me. Especially that guy who said that now a passenger plays a huge role in driving a car because then he’s warning the driver about red lights and so on. I thought that man, this is too much… How can I feel safe on the road when other drivers depends on their passengers to let them know about signs and things like that. And I need to tell you that after I watched this video I stopped looking at my phone while driving because it’s not worth it… Especially because it’s not only my life but also April’s, Alicia’s and Nathan’s. Someone texting you or sending you a snap can wait for the answer for when you park. Because I personally don’t want to be like this girl in the video who lost her family and she herself got paralyzed almost the whole way…

Talk to you next time,