#49 Breakfast with Aga – April’s teeth and jackfruit…

W minionym tygodniu…

…April was relaxing at the pool again :D! Let me tell you, the day before yesterday it was so extremely hot that it felt as if someone punched me in the face when I got out of my car. It’s very warm usually but then it was just a little too much. Now when I wonder if it rained then or not… I don’t remember.


And one more thing about April! Two teeth came in!! I mean, not all the way yet but you can see more of them every day. She started teething soon after she was 3 months old and since then the only things happening were her drooling and putting everything in her mouth to chew on. But now, when she has those teeth, she became very fussy and it’s easy to see that something is bothering her. Once her gum was bleeding and she cried so much that I felt sorry for her. But you know how it is – every kid has to go through this! And recently she’s been drinking soooo much milk. But, seriously, a lot, me and Nathan wonder where she puts all this.

…we went to a huge Farmer’s Market in Dekalb which is around 45 minutes away from our place. I wanted to go there for a while now because I heard that they have a lot of fruits that you don’t get in regular stores and most of it is cheaper too. And it was true! I took a few pictures to show you. And maybe some of you will think that I’m too backwards but I don’t care because I seriously didn’t see some of those things. And jackfruit is something I wanted to buy for a long time now but no grocery stores have it.







…I bought tickets to Poland! I’m going there one more time because I want to spend some more time with my sister. This time, however, my trip will be shorter than before because I’m going there by myself. Nathan is going to work from home so he can take care of April. He wouldn’t be able to go with me (work) and I don’t want to take April by myself because it’s just too much stress and it’s not worth it. So it’ll be very hard for me and I already told Nathan that he’ll need to send me snaps every 5 minutes haha I’ll make it!

Song of the week

Something very old! Okay, maybe not “very” but 13 years is a long time! Today I heard it in the car and I rewind it a few times. Do you remember when Madonna and Britney kissed on the stage? I remember, man, it’s like a brain washing haha


To watch

“Me before you” – today I’m going to say some negatives instead of recommending ,sorry. But I can’t! My friend recommended this to me so I thought okay, I’ll see what it is. I even managed to get Nathan to watch it too and he doesn’t like this kind of movies. And I was very disappointed. I’m very curious about your impressions if you watched it. Let me know!

BEWARE SPOILER: damn, I just couldn’t stand it that they really wanted the audience to feel sorry for the main character. Because ok his life changed completely after he had an accident and he got paralyzed. I don’t wish this happening to anyone, of course. But the rest – his family’s situation, money, where he lives and so on and mainly his previous profession made me think that no, I don’t have any compassion toward him. Not even mentioning the fact that the love story was pretty lame, everything went very fast and watching this I was like “what?!” And let me tell you one more thing – the main female character’s eyebrows were distracting me a lot  because they seemed to live their own lives!



A year ago I posted my first “breakfast with Aga” :D. And it was the first post where I talked about my pregnancy too. Also, I recommended a great tv series “Battlestar Galactica”! Anyone watched??

Rok temu napisałam pierwszy post z serii “śniadanie z Agą” :D. I był to też pierwszy post, w którym opisałam tydzień ciąży. W sumie to dwa tygodnie. I poleciłam wam genialny serial “Battlestar Galactica”! Ktoś z was go może obejrzał??

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Also, I know that lately I’ve been very late with translations but since April has been more demanding because of her teething, I didn’t have as much time as before :(.

Talk to you next time!