#45 Breakfast with Aga – I’m explaining something :) And what happened last week.

In the last week…

…April had her 4 month check-up. She weighs a little bit over 7 kg (15lbs 11oz)! Which means she doubled her birth weight. When I checked how long she is I saw 71 cm (28 in) but a nurse said 66 (26 in) :D. A big difference and I’m curious who’s right. Anyways, she’s a big girl! She loves blowing bubbles and sometimes when she starts she can’t stop. She grabs things and she uses her thumb. She rolled from her back to her tummy without any problem but the other way not so often yet.


And I wanted to add that I consulted one more time the problem with April sitting up because someone told me that I’m hurting my baby and I got an advice not to be so ahead of game. I asked our doctor:

Around a month ago April started pulling herself and trying to sit up. I didn’t sit her by myself and didn’t force her to hold herself but I was helping her by giving her my hands which she held and she was able to pull her body up. One person told me that I shouldn’t do it because April was too small and not ready and so it could bring some serious problems with her posture, hips and spine. Did I make a mistake by helping her with this in such a young age?

The doctor was shaking her head from the middle of me talking and she answered:

Of course not. If a baby starts sitting up and crawling by himself it means that she’s ready. If she wasn’t she would have no idea about these things. Each infant develops in their own pace. Considering how strong April is I suppose she’ll be crawling next time I see you and now you can put her in the seats or a swing.

Our next visit is in 2 months and on the Internet you can read that babies start crawling between 6th and 10th month. And I’m not saying this to brag, no! For example, my friend’s son started rolling over 2 weeks before April and they were born on the same day. I never thought that April should do it too, I never said I couldn’t wait or anything like this. I’m simply explaining this to the end.


…I took April and we went to Ikea. I wanted to buy new bedding and I really prefer driving 45 minutes one way instead of paying $10 for a shipping. And I also bought new toys for her.

…recently on the way to my class by the exit from the interstate I saw someone with a card that she needed help. A woman that time and later a man and – like they say – they’re married with two kinds and in a pretty bad situation at home. You know what was my first thought when I saw her? That she probably wants money for alcohol and she just lies and makes sad faces on purpose to make people feel sorry for her. This is how I usually react because I’ve seen situations like this not once only and I know that people sometimes lie, they say they need “any help” but when you offer food, they offend you. So the experience taught me which is sad because not everyone is like this. That’s why after a few minutes after I left that place I felt kind of bad because what if they really have a hard time and their kids are hungry? A few days later I saw that guy and he had an extremely sad face, I really don’t know if he could fake it… I turned to see him one more time when I was leaving and I thought I’d make a package with food and I’ll keep it in the car in case I see them next time.

…I realized that I have a lot of clothes that I’m not going to wear anymore. I want to sell them but to be honest some of them were worn so rarely that selling them for a dollar or two doesn’t feel right :(. I’m going to sell some of April’s clothes that are too small now and I’ll keep some that I like the most.

Song of the week

I need to admit that I keep listening to a new Beyonce’s album over and over in the car. And I still like it a lot! I don’t know if I said it before but in my opinion this album is much better than the last one but I don’t like a song “Sandcastles”. Below I’m posting one of my top 3 from the new cd :).



First of all, feel invited to my Instagram :).

(This is the first pic from my class that I’ve shown so far so appreciate it! Haha:D)


A year ago I had a 10 days break between posts so I don’t have anything to remind. Two years ago I talked about my trip to Miami and Key West. I added a lot of pictures including one with a monkey and it was my dream for a long time. The post is all in Polish only but you can still see photos :).

Miami, Key West, zdjęcie z małpką!!!, karmienie kangurów i więcej… czyli tydzień z Kate :).

Talk to you next time!


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