#44 Breakfast with Aga – I can’t keep up with April! + Will someone unpack my suitcases?!

During last week…

…I think I got some postpartum depression. Yes, 4 months after a childbirth. Late but seems like my body decided to wait a while before it explodes. However, I won’t talk about this anymore now because it’s something worth focusing on more so I’ll add a post about it later.

…April started rolling over to her tummy! Several first times were awkward but later everything worked better and now she’s the best in it. She sometimes goes back to her back, sometimes doesn’t, but usually when she’s on her tummy already she’ll lay like this for a moment and play with her toys but later she’ll try to crawl. I mean, she tucks her legs under her stomach and tries to push with her arms to go up but seems like her arms aren’t strong enough yet so she gets sooooo upset that she starts screaming. She also started grabbing her feet and grabbing toys with her feet and this is very cute, in my opinion. And once she shocked me completely! She was laying on her back on my lap raising her head higher and higher, as usual. I was talking with a friend having my arms on my legs so she wouldn’t fall. I’m talking and suddenly I felt April on my chest! She rose from her back to my chest! And she outgrown all her 3-month old clothes.


This quilt that April is laying on is a gift for her from our friend who made it. We both were impressed when we saw it.


She fell asleep after such a tiring thing like playing 😀 In a position as a frog.

…I bought a ticket for this year’s Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta! The best thing is that until last night there was this special option that you could buy one pass and then you get one more for free. I did this, of course, and I asked on Facebook if anyone would like to go with me and I already found someone :). I can’t wait! Last year I talked about the whole thing and I added some photos as well. And then my pregnant belly was slowly starting to be seen!

…I started unpacking after my trip to Warsaw and it’s not that easy considering the fact that I had so many things. I know, everything here happens late but it seems to me like I stopped controlling that so I’m not fighting with it anymore. The only thing that bothers me is the mess on our floor in the bedroom where I put all my stuff. But oh well, I’ll finish it.

Song of the week

Alexander Rybak – “Leave me alone”. One of my favorite songs and I think it’s not really about being persecuted by fans only ;). I really like his music but, to be honest, I hate when he sings in Russian, it’s difficult for me to listen. I definitely prefer songs in English because I understand what he sings about and they sound better. I went to his concert once and it was great. Below you can listen to the song I mentioned above and see my picture with Rybak that we took 7 years ago which means I was 17 then ;).



To watch

“Miss you already” – one of the movies I watched on the way back from Poland. It’s about two long time friends going through a lot of good and very bad moments in their lives. A very, very honest and real movie! And I really liked the fact that they didn’t play on people’s emotions on purpose and this happens all the time. Here everything was very natural. Take a look at the trailer below (they speak English, has Polish subtitles only). I highly recommend!


On the Internet

Starbucks opened the first store in the world that has deaf employees only. Great thing! A short video about this below.



On Thursday I’ll talk about my trip to Poland, the English translation might be here on Friday or even Saturday but Saturday will be the latest.

A year ago I talked about how my Green Card interview went… I’ll never forget my stress when me and Nathan figure out that we went to a wrong place! If you’re interested how everything went, go ahead and read it!

Interview for a Green Card in USCIS!

Talk to you next time!