#43 Breakfast with Aga – I’m back! You’re happy?!

In the past week…

…we got back home! Oh, let me tell you, I’m very conflicted. In general my mind is very busy, it’s working hard to put everything in one piece. I obviously don’t regret that I went there but I have some bad experiences so even though the whole trip was pretty good there are some negatives too and I’m trying to make sense out of everything. I’ll talk about everything later… well, almost everything. I suppose I’ll add two or three posts about the trip because I think I’ll renew the one about traveling with a newborn since now I have experience not only with newborn only but with a 3 month old infant too.

The time difference wrecked me a little bit. I didn’t sleep on a plane on the way back but I did have a jetlag. And I still do, I think. I still get sleepy around 5-6pm and now (9:30pm) I’m literally falling on my face.

And I need to add here that Nate was waiting for me at the airport with some flowers and he smiled soooo much when he saw us that I still have it in front of my eyes :))))). Like in movies!


Me and my sister at the airport right before my departure. Yes, I look tired. Guess why! Because I was tired :P.

…Nathan and Alicia had birthdays! So we had two couches full of balloons that aren’t needed to anything anymore ;).


…Alicia finally had a chance to hold April after so much time. She was soooo happy that we came back and she was shocked how much April grew during this time! Alicia did too… Maybe didn’t grow but she kind of grown up, she’s more mature. She’s so smart that it’s weird for a 7 year old kid haha

…I received photos from our photoshoot done by my friend from years ago :). I’ll show you one of them and later will show more!


…I talked to a few people about my blog and about everything around it, comments as well. And I focused on one of them saying that since I “suddenly” fell in love in my host dad and in a “very fast pace” got pregnant then I need to remember that people might think that all that was done in order to stay in the States. And no, I don’t care because everyone can think whatever, obviously. What I mean is that I can understand getting married for a green card a little although I wouldn’t do it. But getting pregnant and putting a new human being into something like this would be a total meanness not to use other words. And I wondered if (or how many) there are any women doing this and if there are then sorry but it’s a terrible thing and if karma exists then I hope it’ll show up in those cases.

Song of the week

Another song by Michael Jackson! One of my favorites, for sure.


To watch

I can’t remember what I wanted to show you here… If I remember, I’ll edit.

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Talk to you next time!